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OSOK: Scope Life

Play 10 complete matches of Classic OSOK between 02/22/19 – 10am PST on 03/08/19

22 Feb 2019 until 08 Mar 2019

OSOK: Scope Life
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Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning1,439,818
22 Feb 2019
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This challenge will be live from Feb 22nd 2019 to Mar. 8th 2019 at 10am PST.

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This Friday, it’s time to welcome the ultimate Gears 4 OSOK event with the 4 new challenges, the return of Classic OSOK and the debut of OSOK Horde!

Event Challenges
We’ve going huge with our event challenges for this event – 4 different challenges (2 per OSOK mode) with a massive THIRTY weapon skins up for grabs. Yup, 3-0.

OSOK: Scope Life
Challenge: Play 10 complete matches of Classic OSOK
Reward: 5 random Flaming Weapon Skins

You will need to start and complete 10 full matches of the OSOK versus match playlist.

5 random Flaming Weapon skins that will help for the achievement as well.

Gears of War 4I Like Em CrispyThe I Like Em Crispy achievement in Gears of War 4 worth 126 pointsCollect 5 Flaming Weapon Skins from Versus Special Events

Shout with any questions, comments, or concerns.

~ Slayer
FrizbogNot getting credit for matches played or won at this point.
Posted by Frizbog on 22 Feb 19 at 18:52
Snook410Same for me! cry
Posted by Snook410 on 22 Feb 19 at 19:17
Banco BillySame here, just done three and the counter hasn't moved!
Posted by Banco Billy on 22 Feb 19 at 19:59
Banco BillyJust won one and it went up.
Posted by Banco Billy on 22 Feb 19 at 20:01
FrizbogLooks like it's working now. I just got credit for a match that we won.
Posted by Frizbog on 22 Feb 19 at 20:06
Slayer ReigningMust have been bugged earlier.
Posted by Slayer Reigning on 22 Feb 19 at 21:49
RuneSlayer4421got this pretty quick. Each match took about 20 minutes
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 23 Feb 19 at 02:36
SmokeNashtyDoesn’t matter if you join late as long as you finish the match you get credit. Although it didn’t give me the achievement for having 5 flaming weapon skins
Posted by SmokeNashty on 23 Feb 19 at 11:56
Aura Battlerthe achievement counter sometimes take time to count...I did 2 in a row, didn't count...when did the 3rd times , showed 3 kills at once...
Posted by Aura Battler on 26 Feb 19 at 05:57