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Scotch Mist

Drift 1050 meters in Sliding and Gliding

Scotch Mist0
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22 Feb 2019 15 Mar 2019
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Scene 4 of Season 3 episode 7 (Well-Aged Scotch)

I found that the constantly tapping X (handbrake) on the straights method wouldn't work for me in this car, so instead i tried to keep full power and take the corners wide for long drifts.

Try to keep as much speed as you can, take the corners wide and aim for at least 100m drifts per corner.
(As McLustig suggested you shouldn't hold X to drift but simply tap X quickly and repeatedly while you go round the turn, this will hold the drift longer for more points).

(You might be able to get this achievement on the next scene of drifting but you need 1000m for gold so might as well try to get an extra 50m for the achievement)
McLustigLittle addition: When drifting don't hold X. Press it repeatedly. So turn left and press x quickly repeatedly. This holds the drift longer an you get 200 Point per turn. This helped me.
Posted by McLustig on 22 Feb 19 at 17:19
Ben21LThanks for that, i'll add it in.
Posted by Ben21L on 22 Feb 19 at 17:59
Posted by McLustig on 22 Feb 19 at 19:11
NovalionJust tried and can confirm: you have to do it as James May in his FWD car
Posted by Novalion on 11 Apr 19 at 14:13
YAT0Great tip tapping x thanks
Posted by YAT0 on 16 Apr 19 at 21:44
Vman0922Tapping X is just what put me over the top! Thank you!
Posted by Vman0922 on 09 Oct 20 at 21:31