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OSOK Horde: Lobotomized!

Get 250 headshots in OSOK Horde between 02/22/19 – 10am PST on 03/08/19

22 Feb 2019 until 08 Mar 2019

OSOK Horde: Lobotomized!
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23 Feb 2019 01 Dec 2020
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Sniper strikes count for this challenge. This is a Sniper epic skill which hits multiple targets (depending of the skill level) when activated. It costs 5,000 energy at the fabricator.

It makes it way faster !
AradorAnd it doesn't have to be in the OSOK Playlist. I was doing Sniper Strikes in Private Horde to level up and I'm getting progress
Posted by Arador on 24 Feb 19 at 00:42