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Anger Management

Eliminate 10 enemies within a single activation of Wrath.

Anger Management0
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Frankie DrumsNYFrankie DrumsNY405,072
23 Feb 2019 20 Sep 2020
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Step 1: Drop the difficulty down to Explorer and dismiss your sidekick (they steal kills).

Step 2: Load up the Five Stars Theme Park on III Difficulty (Goggs25 confirmed I Difficulty works as well, Siphon Filther was unable to get it to unlock on II Difficulty in Feb of 2019 but rIKmAN unlocked it in April of 2020).

Step 3: Go straight for the package and make sure you are seen so reinforcements are called.

Step 4: Grab the package and follow the waypoint to the extraction area.

Step 5: Get on top of the ticket booth and pull out your binoculars and tag enemies as they approach. Jump around rooftops to gather them together and keep them aggro'd. When you get to 11 enemies you're ready.

Step 6: Drop down to ground level, activate wrath by holding down cn_RS, then quickly press cn_RS in when you're near an enemy to use Eden's Wrath. If Eden's Wrath doesn't work, mash cn_RT instead until they go down or bounce away. Reinforcements will show up on quads so you'll have plenty of targets if you want to avoid the Elite and shielded enemies.

EDIT: In the comments, ChaosPanda BB notes that you can use pipe bombs and proximity mines and the kills still count. Imothep Czech confirms this made the achievement easy and he got it on his first try and AgentOfAbyss states that only the proximity mines worked for him.

EDIT July 2019: My video solution disappeared from my Xbox drive. No idea what happened. I got 15 downvotes in 1 week because the video was broken. My apologies. Here's a similar video to help you out:

DampfshoppingThank you! Didn't think I'll ever get this done, your solution helped immensely!
Posted by Dampfshopping on 24 Feb 19 at 13:33
Zeifer95I never seem to get enough enemies, starting to bug me
Posted by Zeifer95 on 24 Feb 19 at 15:30
MERKgruber4Nice guide. I actually got this running around on the roof of the prison in the Alcatraz expedition on the first difficulty. Got the final kill with a split-second to spare. This achievement is definitely annoying.
Posted by MERKgruber4 on 24 Feb 19 at 18:26
MCFC Blue NoseNever enough enemies of helicopter gets destroyed, don't mind hard achievements, but it's only hard because there's not enough enemies
Posted by MCFC Blue Nose on 24 Feb 19 at 22:15
Frankie DrumsNYMCFC Blue Nose are you triggering the alarm when you get the package and staying visible? If you go into hiding you won't have as many enemies, but if you keep jumping around they should send reinforcements. I also couldn't get more than 8 or 9 at once initially because I was in cover.
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 25 Feb 19 at 13:25
Goggs25This can be done on rank 1 level on lowest difficulty
Posted by Goggs25 on 26 Feb 19 at 17:08
BrasshandeWorked for me this way eventually, but it took a lot more attempts than i was particularly happy with
Posted by Brasshande on 26 Feb 19 at 20:07
Frankie DrumsNYThanks for the confirmation Goggs25
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 26 Feb 19 at 20:31
ChaosPanda BBI was having trouble with this one until I worked out that you can use pipe bombs and proximity mines and the kill still count. Got the 10 kills easy using explosives.
Posted by ChaosPanda BB on 10 Mar 19 at 02:34
tried, doesnt work, is there a way to get the mission back to 1 star. I only get about 8 enemies and if by some miracle there is more than 10 the game fucks you. like when 3 enemies just sat in car till my wrath ran out or having half my wrath disappear the second I use it
Posted on 11 Mar 19 at 02:06
Frankie DrumsNYBreedhate68 you cannot get the mission to 1 star. If you can't get enough enemies to spawn, you might want to quit out of the game and do a hard reset of your Xbox or clear your cache. If that doesn't help you could try a different mission.
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 11 Mar 19 at 13:08
alandonovanI followed this guide and it worked, so thank you. I struggled with the takedowns, but pipebombs worked first try. Obviously they cover a wider area and can be thrown to those enemies further away. A fair but really frustrating achievement.
Posted by alandonovan on 12 Mar 19 at 22:35
JeroenRosFirst try, 5 star theme park, difficulty 1, Edens wrath level 2 and almost zero time left! :')
Posted by JeroenRos on 16 Apr 19 at 19:04
Imothep CzechPipe bomb and proximity bomb cout 5 star park easy achievement first try and poped and upgrade fist 7x.
Posted by Imothep Czech on 27 Apr 19 at 19:08
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzNot getting enough guys..seriously 🤬 this!
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 30 Apr 19 at 07:43
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzGot it finally. Signal point was much easier to me and less tedious to do over.
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 30 Apr 19 at 08:00
Frankie DrumsNYzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz So you used my solution but on a different map. Why the downvote?
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 30 Apr 19 at 12:29
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzOh, It appears I did. Apologies, definitely not intended. Changed! toast
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 30 Apr 19 at 16:40
Frankie DrumsNYclap
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 01 May 19 at 02:56
AgentOfAbyssUpvoting more for the prox explosive note than anything else. I tried this a bunch of times with pipe bombs and the rest of the solution but couldn't get it. Finally got it using the prox.
Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 17 May 19 at 01:32
scrwdrvr2357Worked for me best with Bone Crusher Pit solution.
Posted by scrwdrvr2357 on 14 Jul 19 at 12:49
MattricusHorrible achievement. I eventually got this on the first level of the power plant expedition. After grabbing the bag I waited outside of the building until the GPS activated and I had about 12 enemies very nearby. So I just went for it and got it!
Posted by Mattricus on 23 Aug 19 at 15:50
SeitzzGot it 2nd try. Proximity explosives make it much much easier. Still kind of a pain though.
Posted by Seitzz on 04 Sep 19 at 19:09
WeAwokenTheHiveThanks OP! Got this first try on tier 2 difficulty on Alcatraz spamming proximity mines
Posted by WeAwokenTheHive on 04 Feb 20 at 06:14
Siphon FiltherSomething is off with this achievement. I followed the strategy above and killed 13 enemies, at level 2. It did not pop. I tried again. I killed 12. Again it did not pop. As it has been confirmed that this works at level 1 and 3 I am wondering why it doesn't at level 2
Posted by Siphon Filther on 23 Feb 20 at 20:03
Frankie DrumsNYSiphon Filther no idea why but thank you for taking the time to test it.
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 24 Feb 20 at 17:18
Inf I MiojexObrigado pela dica!!! Passei pela parte 2
Posted by Inf I Miojex on 25 Feb 20 at 14:30
DarkKnightKefkajust did this on signal outpost using pipe bombs and it worked like a charm
Posted by DarkKnightKefka on 05 Mar 20 at 03:09
MrWhite2UI tried pretty much everything everyone suggested and what worked for me on the third try was getting 8x fist damage and going to Signal outpost. I think I only had to knife 2 people, the rest were one punch kills.
Posted by MrWhite2U on 23 Mar 20 at 03:02
rIKmANI unlocked this on Five Star Theme Park on Difficulty Level II, so it is possible.
Posted by rIKmAN on 11 Apr 20 at 02:41
Frankie DrumsNYThanks rIKmAN, I added that to the solution.
Posted by Frankie DrumsNY on 11 Apr 20 at 03:54
xCRiMZoNxI got the achievement on Five Stars Theme Park Difficulty Level 2. I waited until after I retrieved the package and herded the enemies to the extraction point. When I was certain there were at least 10 enemies I threw a pipe bomb and instantly got the achievement.
Posted by xCRiMZoNx on 23 Aug 20 at 19:40
Nilo CFHI achieved this achievement in the first Sharky Boshaw mission called Adventures in Babysitting, there are many enemies because you have to defend the area, if you can't do it, just die and try again, very easy.
Posted by Nilo CFH on 18 Nov 20 at 03:27