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Resources In the Rough

Use the Terrain Tool to harvest every type of raw material.

Resources In the Rough+0.1
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24 Feb 2019
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There are 15 different resources or raw materials in the game and not all of them can be found on Sylva, the starting planet so you're going to have to build a shuttle and visit some other planets.
Make sure that you actually harvest some of each resource with the terrain tool. Using the soil centrifuge, finding resources in wrecked space ships or mining with a rover & drill combo doesn't count.

The resourses are:

Astronium - found near the core of most planets.
Lithium - Found on Vesania & Novus)
Laterite (smelts to Aluminium)
Sphalerite (smelts to Zinc) - Found on Sylva & Desolo
Malachite (smelts to Copper) - Found on Sylva & Calidor
Wolframite (smelts to Tungsten) - Found on Desolo & Calidor
Hermatite (smelts to Iron) - Found on Novus & Glacio
Titanite (smelts to Titanium) - Found on Vesania & Glacio

The achievement didn't unlock for me when I though it would, when I finally found Titanite on Vesania. For some reason the game didn't count the Malachite I'd gathered on Sylva. I had to go to Calidor and dig up some Malachite there to unlock this achievement. The same thing happened with smelting copper, it didn't count the stuff I produced on Sylva only the nuggets I made on Calidor.
Jeuxvideo60Got it and pretty sure I never mined Astronium.
Posted by Jeuxvideo60 on 11 Mar 19 at 04:30
FshguyJust a warning... using a terrain mod tool while mining will not make it count either, my last one was Hermatite...
Posted by Fshguy on 27 May 19 at 21:31
bswoboda06Meanwhile I seem to be stuck at 92% with no idea what’s missing.
Posted by bswoboda06 on 24 Jul 19 at 04:25
SergeusIt seems like both Malachite *and* Sphalerite on Sylva don't count. I was missing one (based on my completion %) and it unlocked after I mined Sphalerite on Desolo, even though I'd definitely mined a lot of Sphalerite with the Terrain Tool on Sylva.
Posted by Sergeus on 29 Jul 19 at 01:08
MONEYHANDSx22I believe I've figured out why some materials weren't counting, though perhaps there could be other reasons as well. I found that the counter only incremented if the material was mined directly into your backpack. If you mine it when your backpack is full and it goes to the ground it did not count for me.
Posted by MONEYHANDSx22 on 26 Apr at 17:52
CraziDutchmanI was stuck at 92% as well, had to mine Hermatite on Glacio in order to have it pop. I have previously mined it on Novus it didnt trigger there.
Posted by CraziDutchman on 06 Jun at 11:11
pelvisginhow did you guys know the percentage?
Posted by pelvisgin on 14 Oct at 04:29