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Cleaning the Streets

Wipe out Kale and Shah with the train, Kale and Rangan with a cement pipe, and Rangan with the fan.

Cleaning the Streets0
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24 Feb 2019
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This is completed in the fourth location of Hitman 2 Mumbai - Chasing A Ghost. Take a loadout with a lock pick (Unlocked at Mastery level 2 Miami) and a silenced sniper (Unlocked through Paris Mastery or an escalation contract in Marrakesh). To start, we need to quickly eliminate Shah with a sniper rifle, this will setup killing Kale and Rangan with a cement pipe. Replan the mission, without the sniper rifle, for the other two kills requirements. Head into Rangan's tower, avoiding cameras, and use some paint to help complete Rangan's painting. This will cause Rangan to be killed, so that Kale and Shah meet at the train tracks. Wait for them to line up with the tracks and then use the switch to make the train kill them. Restart the mission and head to Rangan's tower, get a crew disguise, and shoot down the script in the elevator shaft and then head up to the movie set. Tamper with the fan using the screwdriver thats nearby and wait for Rangan to be in the scene to blow him away.

Here is a video guide with English commentary!

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SnoozedsI waited for Diana to say "Yes! It's the Maelstrom." and then released the pipe. I unlocked the achievement and didn't do anything extra to unlock it. So they either fixed it or I did something to fix it.
Posted by Snoozeds on 15 Jul 20 at 09:56