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Beach Bum

Visit every beach in Gaia.

Beach Bum-0.1
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Guide copied from, which has maps and screenshots:

This isn't as simple as standing on any beach you encounter throughout the game, you will first have to have a gold chocobo.


Return to the Chocobo’s Paradise after you have completed the Chocograph side quest, the Chocobo Dive Spots side quest and the Chocobo Mountain Cracks side quest.

The Chocobo’s Paradise is located in the northwestern corner of the map in the middle of the ocean. Fly your Chocobo over to the island (which does not appear on the mini-map) and use a Dead Pepper on the crack in the mountain to gain entry.

Speak to the Fat Chocobo and a short cutscene will begin involving Choco and Mene. Fat Chocobo will give Zidane the Fat Chocobo Card. Go back into Chocobo’s Paradise and challenge Fat Chocobo to a game of Tetra Master. Fat Chocobo will talk about visiting each of the worlds beaches and restoring them.


There are 21 beaches to find in total. When standing on a beach, an icon with water and an exclamation mark will appear above Zidane's head. Press cn_B to hear a chime and that beach will be checked off.

Mist Continent
- Makiki Beach
- Metalark Shores
- Nomarania Beach
- Tuhanda Shores
- Eesistern Coast
- Togull Beach
- Derek Beach

Outer Continent
- Banyano Shores
- Kognish Shores
- Gegalrish Shores
- Falstead Coast
- Shengalasta Shores
- Dyshnose Shores

Lost Continent
- Ryuki Shores
- Quelmiera Shores.

Lanshake Island, Island on the south side of Mist Continent
Commure Shores, Mognet Central island
Everlang Island, west side of the Forgotten Continent
Lanar Island, south of Everlang Island
Salvage Archipelago, southwest of Lanar Island and near Chocobo’s Lagoon
Palmnell Island, same island where the Chocobo’s Lagoon is located

You can now press the cn_B Button on any beach to completely restore your the HP and MP of your party members.

For the Mist Continent, I just ran around the entire coast with my chocobo and press cn_B on every beach. There's an island south of the Chocobo Forest, Lanshake Island, that I missed on my first run around, so don't forget to grab that.

For the Outer Continent, do the same. Run around the coast and just check off beaches as you encounter them.

There are only two locations on the Lost Continent, and the Forgotten Continent has no beaches, but it does have a bunch of green islands at the south of the continent.
CLE SMITTY ESQI know your link marks them on the map, but your written guide is missing two beaches on the Lost Continent: Ryuki Shores and Quelmiera Shores.
Posted by CLE SMITTY ESQ on 26 Feb 19 at 01:03
lewiswakeThank you! Added now.
Posted by lewiswake on 26 Feb 19 at 07:00