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The Saint

Complete the entire game without directly murdering anyone

The Saint+2.2
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I posted this initially as a comment on the other solution but figured it would be much better to make a separate solution for this.
After unlocking this achievement myself, and reading all over the internet, I came to the conclusion that you only need Arthur's playthrough (act 1) for this achievement.
Now, I will explain how I found out.
In my first playthrough, I decided to just pretty much slaughter everything that gets in my way if I can't stealth past it, and I even got the 100 kills achievement before I even finished the first act.
After finishing the game (all 3 acts) I restarted the game (using the "new game" option) and played through Arthur's act without killing anyone (keeping the murder stat at 0, non-lethal "kills" are okay, and I had plenty of those).
As soon as I finished the first act (and finished Arthur's story) I unlocked the achievement. It was during the load for the second act.
According to many sources, this is a common occurrence and while it might be a glitch (and it wouldn't be a stretch because this game has a lot of bugs) I still think it is necessary to let you people know that you don't have to go through all of it without any murders. Some parts (like the beginning of act 3) will truly test your patience and make you pull your hair out trying to do it non-lethally.

Might be a glitch, but you only need to finish Arthur's playthrough without any murders.
Personally, it worked for me (and others in the comments) by finishing the game killing freely and then replaying only Arthur's act, and upon completion of the first act, unlocking the achievement.
JKSullivanI can confirm this method works perfectly - popped it after completing act I of my second playthrough.
Posted by JKSullivan on 07 Mar 19 at 11:12
Raptures LostWorked for me, popped after completing Arthur's story on a second run.
Posted by Raptures Lost on 03 Apr 19 at 18:38
coipI can also confirm that this solution also worked for me. It looks like there are two ways to get this: 1. on a first playthrough, kill no one and beat the game entirely, or 2. on a second playthrough, just do Arthur's story without killing anyone (can be done in about 4-5 hours if you don't do side quests).
Posted by coip on 24 Apr 19 at 03:37
DarthcheweeWould it be accurate to say for the glitch to work you just need to complete Arthur's Act after already beating the game?
Posted by Darthchewee on 23 Jul 19 at 12:49
DarthcheweeAh so there is really 3 possible solutions: 1) complete all Acts without killing anyone; 2) complete the game first and then complete Act 1 again without killing anyone; 3) complete Act 1 without killing anyone and then complete the other acts by any means; but only the first 2 ways have been verified? I will say personally, once I get the Sandman, it is really hard not to kill lol.
Posted by Darthchewee on 23 Jul 19 at 13:01
ChenairHey, just an update
I finished Chapter 1 and 2 without killing anybody, and not saving and quiting if I accidentally did kill anybody.
I killed whoever I wanted in chapter 3 (100 kill) and I still got The Saint achievement after I beat the game
Posted by Chenair on 11 May 20 at 16:06
Andyhadpie247I only had to do Arthur's playthrough with 0 kills, I did full playthrough killing everyone then went back and done Arthur's with 0kills and the achievement popped.
Posted by Andyhadpie247 on 12 Aug 20 at 08:01
ForeverMidnightAs of March 17th 2021 I can confirm that I did a zero kill playthrough with Arthur and a ungodly amount of kill playthrough with Sally and Ollie and at the end of the game I was granted the saint achievement after the final choice cutscene.
Posted by ForeverMidnight on 18 Mar at 01:06
BajerKR15.06.2021 - If you do 0 kills in Arthur playthrough you will get the achievement. You can kill everyone as Sally and Ollie
Posted by BajerKR on 14 Jun at 22:19
Unisaurus13As of 7/5/21 I can confirm that this still works, you only need to do a second run for Arthur to get the achievement
Posted by Unisaurus13 on 05 Jul at 07:38