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The Saint

Complete the entire game without directly murdering anyone

The Saint+2.3
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Addition to other guides already up.

IMPORTANT GLITCH NOTICE: Sometimes when trying to "smother a Npc in bed, you instead pick them up and upon setting them down says they are deceased. DO NOT PANIC! this is an odd glitch but it does not count as "Directly" Killing someone.

Also Important: you can check if you have accidentally killed a npc by pressing the "select/double boxes" button on your controller and pressing RT to get to the notes tab, and scrolling all the way down (faster with d-pad) to STATISTICS, and check your TOTAL MURDERS. (Non lethal kills are fine)

you NEED to go ALL 3 chapters without killing anyone, non lethal weapons and takedowns are safe to use.

GENERAL RULE : SAVE ALOT! you can have multiple save files use them! also each chapters character has their own set of save files, so don't worry about "saving save files" (puns clap ) for the other chapters!

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

KEY RULE FISTS > anything except electric truncheon!

whenever possible SNEAK and use takedowns!
if you get caught run and hide and wait. repeat!
its not as hard as it sounds and this game rewards exploration via secret paths/vents passed enemies.

PERSONALLY i ONLY used: (Spoilers)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

you can craft padded weapons but their not worth it. The Electric Truncheon is THE BEST non lethal weapon. at some point certain enemies carry them making it easy to keep a few on hand.
DarthcheweeI would point out in this that after you have completed the game, completing Act 1 again without killing anyone will also pop the achievement.
Posted by Darthchewee on 23 Jul 19 at 12:54