Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Review by Tankk OG

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02 Mar 2019
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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a Stealth, Strategy, Turn Based game developed by the Bearded Ladies and published by Funcom. This game is my favorite game that I have played so far this year and I've never played anything like it. Although yes it is very similar to the Xcom series, I haven't played any of those so I can't really compare it to them. All I know is you should be playing this game for sure, and have no excuse because it is FREE with Xbox Gamepass. Also the will be releasing some DLC to Xbox in the next few months.

Mutant Year Zero puts you into an interesting post-apocalypse environment where most of humanity has died, and with that it leaves you to defeat ghouls, mutated dogs, and robots. You control a 3 man party of what the game calls mutants as you are a Duck, Boar, or Fox that can talk, and then later there will be 2 human like characters in which they have some special abilities in battle. The whole goal of this game is to, well reach Eden, and to do this you have to go into what they call "The Zone", no one else goes here because of the ghouls, robots, and dogs. So you fight your way through here and face many enemies of various size, power, and level. The fun part in doing this is you get to explore each area and find scrap metal, guns, explosives, gear, and listen to great dialogue while doing so. The scrap metal then later will be used for things like heath packs, ammo, or upgrading weapons. So explore every area to the fullest.


Then there is the combat of this game, when you’re setting up an ambush your squad of three can split up, allowing you to move each character individually. From there, you can hide them in the best positions to surround a group while maximizing each character’s unique skills. This works out very well, planning for a big fight starts before you even put your team into place, though. You are usually outnumbered and outgunned, so you have to decide what you want to do before you really even engage into combat. The areas are large, so if you take your time, and watch the enemies patrol patterns, you can often isolate a single enemy or pockets of them away from the main group. This is essential when playing this game especially on the very hard difficulty.

Another very important aspect of this combat is USE STEALTH, when you are not using a silenced weapon, if you shoot an enemy all other enemies in the group will now attack you. You don't want this to happen, especially if there's a special enemy in the group. So again before combat make sure you know exactly what the plan is, and make sure you are close enough to the enemy that when you go to shoot you have a high percentage of actually hitting the enemy. There really is a lot that goes into this game and the battles, but they are so much better when you go through them and figure things out on your own. It is very satisfying when you win a tough battle and unlock some new weapon or gear.

Finally I have to talk about the graphics, story, and characters. I personally love all three of these. Great character designs and style, love the color pallet of the world does great at giving you that post-apocalyptic feel. There is also several different areas to travel to and most are very unique and makes you do fights in different ways each time. Then with the characters. First off the voice acting is incredible, there are some corny lines thrown in there for sure, but it is overall great. Finally the story of this game is actually really good, I don't really want to say too much more than what I said in the rest of the review, but play to the end. I think you will enjoy the ending.


The achievements for this game are actually quite difficult. Mainly because it requires you to complete the game on the hardest difficulty and on Iron mutant mode. Which this mode means Perma Death. Ya good luck. That's why I can't stress enough to make sure you really know hoe you are going to approach the fight before actually engaging in the fight. Now fair warning at the moment the last achievement in the game does seem to be bugged. I completed every achievement in the game, but the achievement for "Unlocking all Achievements" did not pop, it is currently glitched and the developers know about this. I would say this is around a 30-60 hr game. Such a big gap there because of the Iron Mutant achievement. Could have to do multiple playthrough for that.


BUY THIS GAME! Or just play it from gamepass. I really didn't think I'd like this type of game, but I was very surprised and became addicted to it. Such a great game!
SchinderdivAlthough I have yet to play Iron Mutant, or the hardest difficulty, I completely agree with the rest of your review. Games combining a tactical approach with real-time stealth and turn-based combat is something I wish there was more of on the Xbox. I played this through a free Game Pass subscription, but will probably end up buying it also.
Posted by Schinderdiv on 05 Mar 19 at 20:13