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05 Mar 2019 07 Mar 2019 14 Apr 2019
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Some players (including myself) seem to be having issues with the Magazines spawning with Alex's guide from 01/03/19 onwards. You can still grab a few from his guide but If you're unlucky like us. Try Tyler County Fairgrounds, Darling Sister's Lab, Groves Family Cabin and Aaronholt Homestead. Northwest of Vault 76.
There's a total of 7 Magazines up for grabs on this route as well as a bunch of Bobbleheads. Quit the Server and join another and reverse the route from where you left off. Managed to grab about 13 Mags and 5 Bobbleheads in the past hour and a half but again. RNG and luck apply here.
Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

If you're late game and XP farming around Whitespring Golf Course. So far I've found 3 potential spawn locations for the magazines that seem to pop up relatively regular.

Completely recommend the Pannapictagraphist Perk available at Level 12 in the Perception tree.
It works exactly like Percepti-Bobble. With a 3D audio directiontial sound that's a replica of a few pages being ruffled and flipped through. You'll spend less time focusing in specific spots and just fosuc on the sound when it appears.
All if you're lucky enough for it to appear early in the Perk Cards Packs (Level 85 before I got it...)

May luck be forever in your favour guys!