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Complete episode 4

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Following the events of the previous part, you'll find yourself in your room. Lord Gregory will drop by to fill you in on some important details of the previous revelations. You'll be able to steer the conversation one way or another to better understand Lord Mortimer's intentions and why Lord Gregory opposes them. You're then asked to go to Lord Mortimer's study to get his side of the situation.

While there, you unlock a new power: the ability to take over and control a human being. Lord Mortimer wishes for you to make Cardinal Piaggi inform the Pope that he has changed his position in the talks. Go to Piaggi's room.

If you take control of Piaggi, you'll need to write the letter to the Pope. There are two letters on the desk to study, and a choice of three stamps for the letter.

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After writing the letter, von Wollner suddenly enters the room.
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You are now asked to join Lord Mortimer in the Dining Room. However, stopping off and speaking to Emily in her room will reveal some interesting pieces of news as well.

When you do meet Lord Mortimer, Lord Gregory will interrupt the conversation. You'll have a few choices to make here, regarding your nature and who you choose to support. Finally, the two sides gather and prepare for the conference to end the episode.