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Upgrade all abilities of the Allied squadron

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11 Mar 2019
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In order to get this you need to get your squadron level to max (lvl 145) ánd find all the hidden coins.
There is 1 hidden coin in each level, including the ace battles and the 3-1 stealth level 'Lights in the dark'. You will probably have to fight the bosses multiple times to get all their hidden coins, but you can do this on normal difficulty.
For the hidden coin in the stealth level: completely ignore the optional objective to remain unseen. Just fly into every lightbeam you can and kill as many opponents as you can, because one of them will have your hidden skill coin.
EastXTo grind for medals, people with turbo controllers can set X, A, and B on autofire and then pick a mission like 1-1 on Hard. You should end up replaying levels endlessly, collecting medals each time - you keep them even if you die. The only downside is if you're too overpowered, you might end up reaching the boss and not getting any medals from the boss level. But pick the right level and difficulty and this works like a charm.
Posted by EastX on 26 Jun 19 at 23:12
Silver SalvoIt's almost impossible to find a turbo controller for Xbox one
Posted by Silver Salvo on 11 Sep 19 at 18:15
EastXThe Hori Fighting Commander does turbo, as do adapters like the Brook Super Converter, Titan One, etc. But I agree that the scarcity of controllers with built-in turbo is a shame.
Posted by EastX on 22 Sep 19 at 23:00
BLYASTSo whats the best level to grind on if you don't have a turbo controller?
Posted by BLYAST on 12 Apr at 00:34
John Dong SonI found grinding level 4.3 the easiest. First on normal then on hard when you can guarantee you can complete the level. Good luck.... it takes a fair few hours.
Posted by John Dong Son on 22 Apr at 16:22
John Dong SonAlso note the end boss does not always drop skill token 25. You may need to keep replaying if he does not.
Posted by John Dong Son on 22 Apr at 16:24