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Time for an Adventure!

Play your first unranked Free-for-All Adventure.

Time for an Adventure!-0.4
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20 Mar 2019 12 Mar 2019 22 Mar 2019
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*As of 3/21/19, it looks like Playground has addressed & fixed the problem, and disconnects aren't happening anymore. So if you were putting off doing another attempt, you should be good to go now. *

In the main menu, under the section "Online Adventure" is a section for "Quickplay Adventure." Select it, and then click on "Free-for-all Racing." Its basically the same as Team Adventure, except you're solo and you will always play out all 5 rounds. Once you complete all 5 rounds, have gone through all the ending screens, and get back into a lobby, the achievement should pop.

On my first attempt, I received a disconnect error during the end scenes after I completed all 5 rounds, and was booted back into a lobby. This didn't count for the achievement, even though I did technically finish all the races. So if you're having problems getting the achievment even though you completed an adventure, you may have just gotten disconnected early.
Wyyvern The disconnects are horrendous. I got three in a row before giving up.
Posted by Wyyvern on 12 Mar at 22:34
Morbid237 It booted me in the middle of the final race, but for some reason the achievement popped right at the beginning of that race. I guess I was lucky, hopefully it also counted as 1 out of the 10.
Posted by Morbid237 on 12 Mar at 22:41
Idenic Yeah, I just got 2 in a row during the rewards scenes angry. Just gonna wait a few days for servers to be better.
Posted by Idenic on 12 Mar at 22:41
IxGermanBeastxI I got 3 Disconnects in a Row. This is Ridiculous
Posted by IxGermanBeastxI on 12 Mar at 23:49
MrMette I got disconnected when I finished the whole adventure. didn't get any credits or anything even though I probably finished 2nd or 3rd. 30 minutes spent for nothing.

I have just finished an other one (started in race 3/5) and it disconnected again just when finishing the final race and loading the results.

I think it's probably the final time I played this one online. I tried to get ranked mode working in the base game (a couple of months ago) and that didn't work either as I couldn't even find races. It would be nice of them to test their game/patch before releasing it. It would also be nice of them to not release achievements before the patch is out.

This is pathetic. They are a first party studio now, how can this happen?
It reminds me why I despise playing online games/modes and why I almost never do so (the online gameplay sucked as well because of idiots ramming people purposefully out of checkpoints).
Posted by MrMette on 13 Mar at 02:27
BCRichoux5495 What a load of bullshit this game is. I finish all 5 races and of course the game disconnects me conveniently as the final standings board is about to pop up. What a waste of time that was. Obviously a +1 to you, however.
Posted by BCRichoux5495 on 13 Mar at 04:51
HolyHalfDead 5 races, finished 3rd out of 12 - "Alert, you have been disconnected, please try again later" - BS.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 13 Mar at 09:46
Rohrbarch Bom dia, eu também fui desconectado no final, espero que a Turn 10 resolva esse problema em breve.
Posted by Rohrbarch on 13 Mar at 11:20
Zalexzy It worked alright before update, at least few full advs I played. Now disconnects right after finishing final race.

Edit: And again. I am done until this is fixed.
Posted by Zalexzy on 13 Mar at 11:57
mapphew I have never experienced as many disconnects as I have in this game, especially right as final round ends.

Edit: It just worked for me this morning 03/13, so maybe the servers are calming down a bit? Not sure why it worked this time, I didn't actually get my rewards before I got it, it just showed the point totals.
Posted by mapphew on 13 Mar at 13:25
oscarolim Yeah got two disconnects as well. So annoying.
Posted by oscarolim on 13 Mar at 15:09
TorridestMoss Didn't pop for me, even though it says 1/10 completed. Guess I'll have to try again....
Posted by TorridestMoss on 13 Mar at 15:09
Bacavoit I haven't had any disconnects and it didn't unlock in my 2 adventures :(
Posted by Bacavoit on 13 Mar at 15:22
Streak Leader Disconnected twice, right at the end after finishing the 5th event. Fun stuff.
Posted by Streak Leader on 13 Mar at 16:43
FranconianX Same for me, for disconnected right after Finishing the fifth race. What a disgrace the same Problems exist months after release.
Posted by FranconianX on 13 Mar at 18:42
Frendin Just got disconnected after my fifth race. I'll give this a few weeks before attempting again.
Posted by Frendin on 13 Mar at 19:37
BenjiBurn Tried at least 5 adventures, disconnected at the end each time ...
Posted by BenjiBurn on 13 Mar at 20:36
GusRich10 Finished three Free-For-All events & disconnected after the fifth & final race every time! Unbelievably frustrating!!
Posted by GusRich10 on 13 Mar at 20:59
oO NiGhTbAsE Oo Disconnected after the last race. What is this bullshit.
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 13 Mar at 21:49
Fred Cthulhu Thumbs up for the solution but I got disconnected at the end of round 5 every time just like everyone else.
Posted by Fred Cthulhu on 14 Mar at 00:03
ResinousHashish disconnected on round 5, i hate this
Posted by ResinousHashish on 14 Mar at 00:31
Manda Chuva DF Idem
Posted by Manda Chuva DF on 14 Mar at 01:14
C3LLDW3LLER I thought that was just me with the disconnect. I’ll wait for things to get better.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 14 Mar at 01:52
demonfingers686 To those saying you’re at 1/10, you’ve played the wrong game
Mode. YOu need to be in unranked, not ranked.

Not that it matters, as you’ll get disconnected anyway.
Posted by demonfingers686 on 14 Mar at 02:17
ALLSETFORMOVE Yeah, two disconnections in a row, right after finished the 5th race. Same as all of u guys.
Posted by ALLSETFORMOVE on 14 Mar at 02:33
Firestormental Same here... This game is ridiculous.
I didn't really like this game to begin with, but now I'm really starting to despise it.
I thought that after FH3 they can't go wrong with FH4. Oh boy was I wrong...
How can the same studio make a masterpiece and right after that a steaming pile of overrated turd is beyond me.
/rant over
Let's hope they fix their servers before the game is completely dead...
Posted by Firestormental on 14 Mar at 03:42
BoooM 39 Same too... disconnection after 5th race, I give up after 3th event. Wait next update.
Posted by BoooM 39 on 14 Mar at 07:35
ALLSETFORMOVE So I've submitted a ticket on Forza support page, they said there's something wrong with XBL services. See link here
Posted by ALLSETFORMOVE on 14 Mar at 08:49
CED RadBAD BOY I got disconnected again although Xbox Live is fine according to the status page.
Posted by CED RadBAD BOY on 14 Mar at 16:51
FranconianX It puzzles me that a lot of people unlocked this and we here are are getting disconnects.
Posted by FranconianX on 14 Mar at 16:58
youngknight82 Still disconnecting for me
Posted by youngknight82 on 14 Mar at 20:32
BuddyRusso Disconnected 3 times in a row at the end of the 5th race... I don't even get disconnected from EA's Anthem. How is anybody getting this done? I suppose I should be patient and just wait. I remember hating the ranked achievement during the original 1000 too
Posted by BuddyRusso on 14 Mar at 21:34
I Ebon Hawk I I keep being disconnected after the final race in an adventure. Its happened 3 times in a row for me. Is there a way to avoid this issue?
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 14 Mar at 22:04
nightw0lf Got disconnected at the end of my match, too. You would think that if you screw something up badly the first time, you wouldn't double down on it the next time (and add more achievements to make it even worse).

There are just so many things wrong with the adventure mode. It's just not worth playing once you have the achievements. It's not just the lag and the crappy servers that don't keep you connected. It's also poorly conceived and poorly designed. I especially love it when you miss a checkpoint (so you're already screwed) and it spawns you right where you missed so you can't possibly hit it the next time. Or when you can't pick a car fast enough and it puts you in a car that doesn't work for the tracks it chooses (like a car with bald tires when you're on mostly dirt tracks). Or when it respawns someone right in your path and screws you because you can't avoid them. I could go on and on. Terrible. And then they rub it in our faces by making us complete 100+ races in the mode (between the base game and this update). Playground should stick with what they're good at, which isn't this.

(sorry for the rant)
Posted by nightw0lf on 14 Mar at 22:22
HyRoad v2 disconnected after 5 rounds 2 events in a row now...
Posted by HyRoad v2 on 14 Mar at 23:03
Tandar1 The disconnecting is a real struggling
Posted by Tandar1 on 15 Mar at 00:26
Mortaigne When I finally get one started without disconnecting before it even begins, I get disconnected after the 5th race and no achievement. This is bs.

Edit: Got it on the next full 5.
Posted by Mortaigne on 15 Mar at 01:30
FranconianX I got it after joining a session at the 2nd of the 5 races after getting disconnected three times when playing all 5 races from the start.
Posted by FranconianX on 15 Mar at 08:54
pithiviers Disconnected as well before the end results angry
Posted by pithiviers on 15 Mar at 14:47
MsBootybandit This game is a complete mess right now. Disconnects all the time 😡😡
Posted by MsBootybandit on 15 Mar at 15:47
mike1809 Done all the races and then got disconnected before the results screen. What a joke!
Posted by mike1809 on 15 Mar at 16:05
GrawlNL Lol, you guys have to chill and stop getting angry about trivial things like this.
Posted by GrawlNL on 15 Mar at 16:47
mike1809 Done all the races and then got disconnected before the results screen. What a joke!
Posted by mike1809 on 15 Mar at 17:23
BenjiBurn Done! Not disconnected this time! omg cant believe it xD
Posted by BenjiBurn on 15 Mar at 18:37
The Manic Moose Haha, just read all the comments. I’m going to join and say yep just happened to me too!! Are the servers likely to improve? Weren’t they poor when the game released too, I’m sssuming they have been poor throughout.
Posted by The Manic Moose on 15 Mar at 18:58
NoHeroes94 Matchmaking in this otherwise superb game is shocking. Exactly the same happened to me, did all 5 races and then got disconnected. So frustrating.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 15 Mar at 23:58
ALLSETFORMOVE Any improvements now? anybody?
Posted by ALLSETFORMOVE on 16 Mar at 01:52
JJ DANG3R Keeps disconnecting for me
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 16 Mar at 02:16
Idenic Nothing has improved for me
Posted by Idenic on 16 Mar at 04:37
ALLSETFORMOVE I did it guys! No disconnection! How amazing!laugh
Posted by ALLSETFORMOVE on 16 Mar at 05:37
SlammedNiss FFS, will somebody fix the disconnect problem? 3x now, and really hate to devote any more time to this until the issue is fixed.
Posted by SlammedNiss on 16 Mar at 07:38
BlackHawkMarine Won all 5 races, disconnected at the end how nice.
Posted by BlackHawkMarine on 16 Mar at 12:43
John McClane HD i tried it 6 times, after the 5th race disconnect, i give up on this, totally waste of time angry
Posted by John McClane HD on 16 Mar at 13:26
Raptor DEM0N Of couse at the 5th race while I finished I got disconnected. It doesnt suprise me.laugh
Posted by Raptor DEM0N on 16 Mar at 13:37
Hieronimus Disconneced after 5 races. I will wait for a fix instead of wasting more time on this crap.
Posted by Hieronimus on 16 Mar at 14:43
John McClane HD i tried it 6 times, after the 5th race disconnect, i give up on this, totally waste of time angry
Got it after a mate was playing for the 7th try lol
Posted by John McClane HD on 16 Mar at 14:50
C3LLDW3LLER Disconnecting for me every time at the moment. It finds a new horizon life session every time after as well. Nothing else for me to do while I wait for the forzathon events.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 16 Mar at 15:19
illdizzog I just raised a ticket on the issue over at:

I suggest other people do so if they havent already, just to raise awareness of the issue.
Posted by illdizzog on 16 Mar at 15:39
HamsterLV 3 disconnected from 3 attempts! Stellar job Turn 20!
Posted by HamsterLV on 16 Mar at 16:33
NoHeroes94 Disconnecting is getting freaking ridiciulous. 3 unranked, 3 disconnects AFTER completing the final race! So irritating.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 16 Mar at 22:35
RevRico420 At least ill not alone in the field of disconnects. This is freaking annoying. The free for alls are kinda fun, but not if you can't finish them
Posted by RevRico420 on 16 Mar at 22:40
NoHeroes94 Left a ticket Also sent a message to a community rep who was incredibly helpful in healing me when I was trying to sort Antique Restorer laugh.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 16 Mar at 22:49
ixnay37 I haven't had a chance to test it myself but there are a few people on the forza forums saying that switching to Horizon Solo before you search for an adventure game is getting around the disconnect problems.
Posted by ixnay37 on 16 Mar at 23:25
twisted poke I had a disconnect today, tried it again and was able to unlock the achievement. The second time I was in solo, so there might be something to what ixnay37 posted.
Posted by twisted poke on 16 Mar at 23:42
NoHeroes94 FINALLY got it to unlock. 4th attempt. Turned off any other device linked to my wifi, I was that fed up.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 16 Mar at 23:52
Simm Completed 1 out of 6 attempts. Unfortunately, this mode has to be completed a few times before the other achievement can be attempted. I don't have the patience with those odds so I'll wait for an update.. Starting from solo didn't seem to help either.
Posted by Simm on 17 Mar at 01:14
ResinousHashish GOT IT! Did they fix this?
Posted by ResinousHashish on 17 Mar at 01:40
Johnny Broflex Yeah these servers are the worst. So far 3 completed and still no achievement because I keep getting disconnected after I finish the final race
Posted by Johnny Broflex on 17 Mar at 01:58
HQAZE Finally got it.. after 10-15 times.. i try'd everything..

After the third/fourth time switching from horizon live to horizon solo i found a 8player session.. instead of 12.. and got instantly disconnected(2times).. instead of after the final round.. after the third time searching for a quickmatch i found a 12 player session again.. (round 2/5).. after completing round 5 i finally unlocked it..

I really think the "key" is horizon solo.. and waiting till you get disconnected instantly.. instead of after the 5th round.. i think that triggers also something.. but idk..
Posted by HQAZE on 17 Mar at 05:54
Manda Chuva DF A conquista está bugada, terminei as 5 corridas 3 vezes no modo aventura online, jogo rápido corrida livre para todos consegui atingir o nível 3 para participar da corrida livre para todos ranqueada e nada da conquista, uma dica e tentar após a meia noite, durante o dia sempre tenho desconexão, na madrugada joguei sem problemas

Edit: reinstalei o game e a conquista apareceu
Posted by Manda Chuva DF on 17 Mar at 06:09
lepongistefou Same here, keep getting disconnected every time...
Posted by lepongistefou on 17 Mar at 14:45
xNSHD get disconnected everytime i hope they are aware of this an working on a fix because right now this is ridiculous.
Posted by xNSHD on 17 Mar at 21:19
C3LLDW3LLER Got it. At last. Was in a game with 12 people, don’t know if that makes a difference. The other disconnects I didn’t have a lot of people in the session.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 17 Mar at 22:34
GrawlNL I've tried it by going solo first. Joined a game in progress (5/5) and got disconnected and another one from the start and also got disconnected. Seems the solution isn't by playing in solo first.
Posted by GrawlNL on 17 Mar at 23:32
Kriskkiills Broken game. angry
Posted by Kriskkiills on 18 Mar at 01:23
Idenic Playground said on the forums that the problem was with Xbox services. The "services" are back up now, and the disconnects still happen laugh They even said to unstill and reinstall the game (which isn't working for people in the formus either). They are trying so hard to cover up the fact that this update is broken and can't be bothered to fix it
Posted by Idenic on 18 Mar at 04:19
SlammedNiss I finally got it on my 4th try. Can't say I'm surprised that PG is trying to pass the buck and make it somebody else's problem.
Posted by SlammedNiss on 18 Mar at 07:17
farmer bandit I got this last night. Not really exactly why it counted this time and not previous. I did make sure I never got a DNF in any race especially the free roam rush events in the adventure. Might be worth you trying that.
Posted by farmer bandit on 18 Mar at 07:54
Streak Leader Just managed to get this one to pop. I did what was suggested above - going to Horizon Solo. When I fired up the game I was on Fortune Island so the game took me to Great Britain.

I joined a free-for-all that was in progress (the first event was just finishing up). I finished the other 4 events without a DNF and it popped at the end.
Posted by Streak Leader on 18 Mar at 17:09
GrawlNL I finally managed to get it too.

- I was in solo before queueing.
- I started at the fifth event (so 5/5).
- There were 12 players total.
- I didn't finish the race (DNF).
Posted by GrawlNL on 18 Mar at 18:19
darkavenger786 Just did this achievement. Joined a match as normal whilst connected to Horizon Life. Went through all the events, the results screen and the rewards screen. Achievement unlocked normally.
Posted by darkavenger786 on 18 Mar at 20:05
OMG IT5 EJ Twice in a row got disconnected at the very end
Posted by OMG IT5 EJ on 19 Mar at 00:42
JJ DANG3R Disconnected at the very end. AGAIN. UGH.
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 19 Mar at 01:00
Agent NineThree Forza Motorsport forums report folks having success when not winning. That is, don't finish on the podium (usually the final one) and you won't disconnect.
Posted by Agent NineThree on 19 Mar at 03:28
GrawlNL If that was true I would have gotten it much earlier.
Posted by GrawlNL on 19 Mar at 05:57
Twobby Same here lol
Posted by Twobby on 19 Mar at 15:09
craig killed ya Disconnected three times on end screen now
Posted by craig killed ya on 19 Mar at 16:26
IvanDimitrovBG3 It’s time they fix this. It’s ridiculous! I spent so much time just to get disconnected over and over again after the fifth race. It let me get some progress a few times last few days, but the game is broken and they should fix it. It has nothing to do with our wi fi connection
Posted by IvanDimitrovBG3 on 19 Mar at 23:41
Agent NineThree Further to the previous, popped this last night

- was in horizon life before joining lobby
- lobby started with 6, then increased to 12
- finished 2nd overall
- used Jaguar F-Pace in a A800 Street race adventure
- On windows 10
- Achievement popped before rewards screen
Posted by Agent NineThree on 20 Mar at 01:40
OdadjianActual The disconnect is still happening. Even when starting from horizon solo. Looks like I lost my Horizon 4 completion. Meh.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 20 Mar at 04:51
RDWinters1944 Changing DNS from default to and fix the problem for me
Posted by RDWinters1944 on 20 Mar at 06:38
MarcusX640XPL It would have to knock me down to go 10-15 times for 5x races to get 20GS into me. For the day it is impossible to drive, with a bit of luck it can succeed. This has to be repaired !! because it makes no sense to be tired.
Posted by MarcusX640XPL on 20 Mar at 10:13
NoHeroes94 Funnily enough, because other people mentioned it too, I also DNF the last race (on purpose, my game was lagging due to chaos on screen and didn't want to disconnect again).
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 20 Mar at 11:41
CRAWFORD696 Ok, not that my comment is going to help anyone but I finally got this damn achievement. I started in Horizon Solo. Played through all 5 races. I think I got DNF in 2 of them and I placed like 8th or 9th, and at the end I popped the achievement. I probably did 18 sets of all 5 races to finally get it. I honestly think its just luck whether or not the servers will like you as you complete the race.
Posted by CRAWFORD696 on 20 Mar at 15:15
Idenic RDWinters1944 could be onto something. I tried 10+ times before, finishing in top places, low places, and DNFing and nothing was working. Changed my DNS to Cloudfare ( & and it seemed to work. Maybe a fluke, but it's work a shot. Started from Horizon Solo btw.
Posted by Idenic on 20 Mar at 21:20
Idenic Let me know if changing DNS works for anyone else and I'll update the solution.
Posted by Idenic on 20 Mar at 21:28
OdadjianActual Idenic I’ll try this in about half an hour. If it works could it be Google’s first clandestine shot against Microsoft in the great Stadia vs. xCloud wars?
Posted by OdadjianActual on 20 Mar at 23:57
OdadjianActual Wow. Fuck me, that didn’t help.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 21 Mar at 00:44
ResinousHashish / is just Google / is just Cloudflare / is just OpenDNS (Cisco)

Really weird that changing your DNS has any affect, DNS is Domain Name Servers. It is only used when trying to connect (lookup) other server/pc's..

IE; / resolves to
Posted by ResinousHashish on 21 Mar at 00:55
OdadjianActual Omfg it worked! I initially changed my DNS to and but I did that while my game was already running. Initially that didn’t help - still got disconnected.

But I did a hard restart and then finally the achievement popped!
Posted by OdadjianActual on 21 Mar at 01:17
OdadjianActual Praise the god above, and praise the god kings Idenic and RDWinters1944!
Posted by OdadjianActual on 21 Mar at 01:26
Idenic Glad something worked headspin
Posted by Idenic on 21 Mar at 01:34
OdadjianActual Wow I didn't realize Idenic is the actual writer of this original solution too. Upvoted!
Posted by OdadjianActual on 21 Mar at 01:58
illdizzog The DNS settings worked! Hallelujah. Thank you.
Posted by illdizzog on 21 Mar at 02:50
RDWinters1944 Glad that I could help wink I'm also shocked how this could worked but anyway, it's good to have a workaround before those lazy bastards make a hotfix
Posted by RDWinters1944 on 21 Mar at 06:34
NoHeroes94 They are rolling out new servers today to address issues with quickplay online adventure connectivity.

Forza Horizon 4 Fix Will Solve Quickplay Online Adventure Connection Issues
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 21 Mar at 16:00
godsandm0nsters Thank god they fixed it. Was driving me insane.
Posted by godsandm0nsters on 22 Mar at 21:05