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Why can't we be Friends?

Play as a Minidoll for the First Time

Why can't we be Friends?0
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18 Mar 2019 20 Mar 2019
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This secret achievement is very simple to complete all you need to do is unlock a Minidoll Figure.

Unlocking these figures are very random, if you have progressed enough in the game to visit a shop you need to either purchase or open Character Relics at 50,000 studs. As soon as you know you have one unlocked.

Press cn_Y to open your character collectable men.
Using cn_LB or cn_RB to scroll to Characters.
Now move your left analogue stick to your Minidoll then press cn_A to select then back out with cn_B.

Then pop achievement unlocked!


Happy Hunting

Here is a list of a few Minidolls encase unsure:

General Mayhem
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Rapid Rachel
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Suburban Sarah
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Sweet Mayhem
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Wonder Women (Minidoll)
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