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26 Mar 2019 03 Apr 2019
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It's been confirmed that this achievement is story-related and can't be missed.

After the scene in the barn with Clem, you'll take control of AJ at a fishing shack. Spear some fish, replace the spear and head back outside. You'll see a scene in which a familiar object floats down the stream. Don't panic over failing the QTEs as Rosie will catch it for you.

The achievement should pop soon after that.
SashamorningConfirmed. Not missable.
Posted by Sashamorning on 26 Mar 19 at 22:39
slysyIt didn't unlock for me for some reason and I finished the whole episode
Posted by slysy on 27 Mar 19 at 08:13
SERPENT SUICIDEShould unlock after the scene ends and a new one starts with a song.
Posted by SERPENT SUICIDE on 29 Mar 19 at 13:05
Negan BetaI did all 4 endings and got the hat back in some way everytime,also did 2 play through's on my 2nd acct and got the hat both times there.
Posted by Negan Beta on 29 Mar 19 at 14:56
MidweekersJust finished my second playthrough and I still can't get this to unlock, Does anyone have an idea of what I could do?
Posted by Midweekers on 20 May 19 at 07:28
LeMansFahrernot unlocking by me either
Posted by LeMansFahrer on 11 Aug 19 at 21:17