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The Snake Run

Mega begins digging up the Snake Run at the Skate Ranch!

The Snake Run0
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30 Mar 2019
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This will be the next story achievement after you have gotten this one:
Tony Hawk's American WastelandHanging with AlvaThe Hanging with Alva achievement in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland worth 68 pointsLearned about Green Pipes Point from Tony Alva!

The next story missions are:
-Scare away the Carmy
-Pay the ship Captain
-Feed the shark
-Help Mega blow up the USGAS sign
-Dismountle the combo pipes
-Tear off the corner piece
-Destroy the antennas!
-Drop the grate and balls
-Get off the Oil Rig!
-Help Mega oil the crane

After this mission you will unlock this achievement.