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Heavy Medal

Earn all Gold in Season 3 Episode 5

Heavy Medal0
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02 Apr 2019
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To get this you need to achieve the Gold target in every scene of this episode. This is made even more difficult however, since the update that added Episode 9 (of Season 3) also added in three more scenes involving the Alpine A-110 (which is a bit sneaky, but it makes the episode feel more complete, thankfully enough), bringing the scene count from 9 to 12. The one that was most difficult was the first scene (Le Plus Power!), in which you have to race on the reverse variant of the Eboladrome in under 1:05.00, without even wasting a single hundredth of a second. While it did gave me a great deal of frustration, and yes I didn't expect this difficulty spike coming, I eventually got it after several tries.
Scott Grant2004I've got all gold on all 12 scenes and no achievement once again!
Posted by Scott Grant2004 on 24 Feb at 18:37