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Sucker born every minute

Paid for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet

Sucker born every minute0
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04 Apr 2019
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In the Sunken Sea (reached by traveling to T-Bone Junction, then going north for some time), there is a VERY BIG BULLET. There's a money box next to it, helpfully lit up by flashing arrows. Deposit $8,000,000, get achievement.

Yeah, that's all you're going to get.

Kimberly cxPossibly note that this achievement is not party shared, each individual player needs to put 8mil in the box to get the achievement.
Posted by Kimberly cx on 15 Apr 19 at 00:58
WEBHEAD 7also, recommend you make sure not to go near an autosave and immediately after getting your achievement, dashboard. this way you can get your achievement and keep your $8mil
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 15 Apr 19 at 18:04