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Collect 15 points in Survivor mode.

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08 Apr 2019 19 Apr 2019
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Try Granada, with the Electro Mechanical DLC, which you need to purchase in order to play.A pretty basic table, annoyingly frustrating at first.untill you get a few extra balls and realise there aren't that many targets.
CristiThanks, I was really struggling with the survivor mode but managed to get 69 on my second try with this table!
Posted by Cristi on 08 Apr 19 at 20:05
BiLLzuMaNaTiHow do you change it to survivor mode
Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 17 Apr 19 at 19:21
OzbrithianGot 84. No achievement. Probably could have done more but got angry at the lack of achievement popping. Thanks for the solution. It's not your fault it's the game's.
Posted by Ozbrithian on 18 Apr 19 at 00:38
OzbrithianHard reset the system and tried again. Got it at 18. Thanks again!
Posted by Ozbrithian on 18 Apr 19 at 02:03
WhazzupwifatTo play Survivor mode you need to purchase the Electro Mechanical DLC pack. I also used this table to earn the 50pts needed for the Target Eliminator achievement. Other tables in this DLC will help get most of the remaining achievements.
Posted by Whazzupwifat on 19 Apr 19 at 02:14
Inferno118Guess the game got updated. The flippers are smaller and only allowed one ball
Posted by Inferno118 on 23 May 20 at 15:53
Achilles8249Yeah the flipper size is ridiculously small now.
Posted by Achilles8249 on 03 Jun 20 at 04:15
AHGregThis one was frustrating!
Posted by AHGreg on 08 Oct 20 at 18:13
qManballinPost update or patch or whatever, Granada still was the easier map for me. Some RNGeezus help needed due to smaller flipper sizes but much easier to control. Less ball falling outside the flipper lanes and once you get multiple balls in play, less stress XD. I was alternating every 3 or 4 games or so with Cine Star hoping RNG would be perfect but found the ball falling out too easily on Cine Star compared to Granada. Frustration -> stop for a little bit before continuing. Trust facepalm
Posted by qManballin on 25 May at 23:35