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Anger Management

Eliminate 10 enemies within a single activation of Wrath.

Anger Management0
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08 Apr 2019
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First time posting a solution but I found that the Bonecrusher Pit is perfect for this achievement. I used the helicopter to drag the 6 or 7 enemies out of the Pit towards the road and lake area. If you hover just high enough to keep their focus on you, more enemies will spawn and come over. Once I had enough of them in a general area I let loose with the rockets and the achievement popped.
II RedDwarf IIAlthough this didn’t work for me (takes a while to setup) I agree that the helicopter is the easiest way to get this achievement.
I tried at the signal outpost also but couldn’t get it.
In the end I got it on rank 3 outpost the Pantry. It seemed more open than signal. Didn’t have a hired gun. If you fail let them destroy you in the helicopter and you will start near in the helicopter again 🙂
Thumbs up for suggesting helicopter.
Posted by II RedDwarf II on 24 Jul 20 at 11:28