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You Like Fruit!

Compete for a total of 20 hours (Time Attack excluded)

You Like Fruit!0
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09 Apr 2019
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Please note as per the achievement decription Time Attack does not count toward this achievement. Nor menu time, this achievement is only calculated when you're actually competing in any mode but time attack.

Set up the following:

Offline>Custom Race>Banana Bay>Poseimon

Pick Random Juicer or Juicer>5 laps

Then pick Easy and put 10 Vehicles in Race

Now pick any racer and confirm, then when the race begins just sit there. The AI should take about 9 minutes (anywhere between 9m10s and 9mins25s) before the race automatically ends.

After you've unlocked:

All-Star Fruit RacingHalfway ThereThe Halfway There achievement in All-Star Fruit Racing worth 140 pointsCompete for a total of 10 hours (Time Attack excluded)

66 races should net you the 20 hour achievement based on 9m15sec average race time

Just pick Restart each time the race ends and the achievement pops at the end of the completed race once another 10 hours racing time has been completed.

Obviously another option is just to play regularly, depending on the enjoyment you get from this game. I do wish time attack counted toward the time, I don't understand that decision as if you are going for the other achievements you'll spend a good few hours there.