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1000 Total Kills

Kill 1000 wolves

1000 Total Kills0
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Crowned LegacyCrowned Legacy743,506
17 Apr 2019 17 Apr 2019
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The easiest way to get this achievement is by going to the game mode PIG VS 100, and literally just spinning the cn_LSd like mad, you can even get creative like I did and mash cn_Acn_Bcn_Xcn_Y while spinning cn_LSd, it helps with other achievements as well. I was getting around 50 kills every 2 or 3 minutes using just the left joystick method and around 70 every 3 or 4 minutes using the button mashing method.
PIG VS 100 has twice the amount of enemies that CLASSIC mode has, and makes this achievement a breeze but also wears your thumbs/fingers out really quick. I would also recommend this strategy for the Rocket Bender and BeckHAM achievement.
Hopes this helps! Happy achievement hunting!
A BatwomanEasy to do level 2 of classic the fence street level.
Posted by A Batwoman on 18 Apr 19 at 01:48
Crowned LegacyIm not going to lie, I never went past the forest level on classic. I really enjoyed the PIG vs 100 mode, as it was a bit more fast paced.
Posted by Crowned Legacy on 20 Apr 19 at 10:39
MichalKVAs A Batwoman said the fence level on classic is much easier if someone is struggling with it. Yes it takes a bit longer, but there wolves on a wrecking balls instead of rockets, and at least for me it was easier to knock them off. I've also got all other achievements on this level while going for 1000 kills. But thumbs up from me, the guide is great.
Posted by MichalKV on 25 Apr 19 at 07:47