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Log into the game on 7 consecutive days

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26 Apr 2019
31 17 195
The achievement is for logging on for 7 consecutive days. The achievement will actually pop when you log in for the 8th day.

I noticed the chivo didn't track on here but did on the xbox.
Hahaman4realThis is a bugged achievement.. I am on my 9th consecutive day and it still hasnt unlocked yet.. I hate these buggy crap free games dont know why i am always tempted to start these bs
Posted by Hahaman4real on 08 Jan at 12:54
BlueDragon71990On my 10th day, its now stuck at 28%. Someone please fix this. Really starting to bug me like crazy...
Posted by BlueDragon71990 on 09 May at 15:13
AssaultionIm on day 15 lol
Posted by Assaultion on 09 May at 16:05
xStupid ZombiexI finally got it after 40+ days haha
Posted by xStupid Zombiex on 10 May at 22:22
thexboxpoetThis achievement is crazy bugged. Mine is stuck on 42% (says 14% here) but I've done 7 days in a row.
Posted by thexboxpoet on 11 May at 23:35
ZenososVery buggy achievement mines showing 14% still even though I'm on day 8
Posted by Zenosos on 12 May at 08:22
AOTP iTz Sn1p3rToday it's the 7th day and it's stuck at 28%
Posted by AOTP iTz Sn1p3r on 12 May at 10:08
born2beslickerI’m on day 8 and still no achievement pop. Stuck at 0%.
Posted by born2beslicker on 12 May at 10:20
LUCASLUNEEWORDdia 8 e estou preso em 56%
Posted by LUCASLUNEEWORD on 12 May at 10:48
GraymawrYesterday was the 7th day and it is stuck at 14%. Still did not do it for me on the 8th day today. Recommend we flag as glitched and reach out to the developers for a patch?
Posted by Graymawr on 12 May at 16:59
FellviperI just long in for the 8 consecutive day and the achievement hasn't popped for me either. I'm guess it's glitched since others have also stated that they are having the same issue.
Posted by Fellviper on 12 May at 17:50
HBK316HHH619Mines stuck at 42% glad to see im not the only one with this problem
Posted by HBK316HHH619 on 12 May at 22:47
Thetoptom007Today was my 7th day and its showing as (cant tell as on mobile but maybe 1 day progress)

Wondering if it's possibly a timezone thing?
Posted by Thetoptom007 on 13 May at 06:09
Danperry86Logged in 9 days consecutive and no achievement popped yet
Posted by Danperry86 on 13 May at 08:23
hi3gie129th day stuck at 42% on xbox, 14 on TA
Posted by hi3gie12 on 13 May at 11:02
Andylangerssame here, I've done 9 days straight and nothing
Posted by Andylangers on 13 May at 11:03
Timoto58Same here 9 days and nothing
Posted by Timoto58 on 13 May at 14:52
JetSetJustinI'm on day 8 and stuck at 56%.
Posted by JetSetJustin on 13 May at 15:02
dwvynejr9 days and no cheevo either
Posted by dwvynejr on 13 May at 15:05
SlipKnoT 008I think i'm around 8 days and the tracker is stuck at 14%
Posted by SlipKnoT 008 on 13 May at 18:34
Cossie1300I saw this pop up on my phone but hasnt logged im currently 10 days in
Posted by Cossie1300 on 13 May at 23:01
andrelfg1Same issue here, I am on day 9 and achiviement stuck at 28%..
Posted by andrelfg1 on 14 May at 01:48
NOTOR1OUS T1TOYeah today was my 8th day and no achievement ://
Posted by NOTOR1OUS T1TO on 14 May at 05:59
Havoc NLDay 11. No chievo.
Posted by Havoc NL on 14 May at 06:31
WastuDay 11 for me. No achievement either.
Posted by Wastu on 14 May at 06:49
WastuDay 11 for me. No achievement either.
Posted by Wastu on 14 May at 06:52
Hellspawn DeathDay 8 and no achievement
Posted by Hellspawn Death on 14 May at 08:06
Mule107Same, not popped on day 8
Posted by Mule107 on 14 May at 08:14
BongoMagI’m on day 11 and stuck on 56%
Please sort this, can’t be that hard to roll out a nice little update to patch this.
Posted by BongoMag on 14 May at 09:50
RogTheOutlawI’m currently on day 7 and the Xbox tracker has said 14% for most of the time, doubt it will pop tomorrow on day 8 for me
Posted by RogTheOutlaw on 14 May at 09:54
One Crazy IdiotToday was day 9 for me and still no achievement.
Posted by One Crazy Idiot on 14 May at 12:27
M1kestarI'm on day 16 and no Achievements
Posted by M1kestar on 14 May at 13:46
Goots 88been at 48% for 12 days... No achievement
Posted by Goots 88 on 14 May at 15:35
DEFIANTLYDay 9 nothing.
Posted by DEFIANTLY on 15 May at 01:23
True DeliriousOn day 9 no achievement
Posted by True Delirious on 15 May at 01:34
D4N3GER0U5On day 8 - still no achievement
Posted by D4N3GER0U5 on 15 May at 06:26
TecnoDorkDay 8 and didn’t pop
Posted by TecnoDork on 15 May at 07:57
NoName4ThisBugged for me too 9th day
Posted by NoName4This on 15 May at 09:44
Carlo wv4eMe too, day 10 and still no achievement
Posted by Carlo wv4e on 15 May at 09:44
DirtybyteDay 12 and it stil say 85%
Posted by Dirtybyte on 15 May at 21:16
GTA3RockstarHow do you see the percentage?
Posted by GTA3Rockstar on 15 May at 23:34
Krylon BlueDay 14 and it still hasn’t unlocked. I’ve been stuck at 56% for a while.
Posted by Krylon Blue on 16 May at 05:34
SuperKinsonLandDay 11 and its stuck on 42%
Posted by SuperKinsonLand on 16 May at 07:55
REB3LDay 8 and stuck on 28%
Posted by REB3L on 16 May at 10:02
Void AstraDay 11, still locked and progress is at 50%...
Posted by Void Astra on 16 May at 10:39
tuunGot to be the most broken Achievement ever!!! Loaded into the game 16 days in a row now and progress stuck on 42%
Posted by tuun on 16 May at 11:31
The Wicked SoulDay 10 and stuck at 56%
Posted by The Wicked Soul on 16 May at 12:44
ZaymontOn day 11 and stuck at 28%
Posted by Zaymont on 16 May at 13:39
Fulmster1219Same stuck at 28% on day 12
Posted by Fulmster1219 on 16 May at 13:50
alex1sqcSame. This is definitely glitched, I even tried to log out of my xbox account and log back in but still did not popped. Stuck at 15 days
Posted by alex1sqc on 16 May at 14:03
BionicLyonSame...stuck at 28%
Posted by BionicLyon on 16 May at 15:01
An Xbox DudeI'm stuck on 14%
Posted by An Xbox Dude on 16 May at 19:56
andrelfg1I started to use the Forza Street for PC and this chievo has started to track. Mine was issued too using iOS version.
Posted by andrelfg1 on 16 May at 22:10
One Crazy IdiotI submitted a ticket to Turn 10's support on 5/14, and this is their response:


This is a known issue in Forza Street and our devs are currently investigating and working on a fix.

"Committed" achievement does not track properly over the course of 7 days and does not unlock on the 7th day

I am marking this ticket as "Solved" and we will post an update to the support pages and forums once this matter is resolved.
Posted by One Crazy Idiot on 17 May at 03:18
Floris112Yeah, im at 12 days and still on 42% progress
Posted by Floris112 on 18 May at 07:59
Xbox iOSDay 15th here, nothing happend 😑
Posted by Xbox iOS on 18 May at 08:08
DesiXBLStill bugged.
Posted by DesiXBL on 18 May at 10:42
ibrunosilvaDeve ser em dias consecutivos, não pode pular 1 dia
Posted by ibrunosilva on 18 May at 15:24
d0nkeytr0nLogged in today for the 7th day in a row.

Nada 🤦🏽‍♂️
Posted by d0nkeytr0n on 18 May at 16:57
DJ Funky SpoonsDay 13 and still nothing
Posted by DJ Funky Spoons on 18 May at 17:04
AcidSTARHUNTERYeah day 10 still no joy
Posted by AcidSTARHUNTER on 18 May at 21:11
CASgamer398Hasnt worked for me either
Posted by CASgamer398 on 19 May at 01:09
ChubbySweetheadI’m on day 13 and nothing. Go on pretty much the same time everyday, have a race and go off. Will carry on trying
Posted by ChubbySweethead on 19 May at 06:51
FeredayMe neither
Posted by Fereday on 19 May at 10:05
Itzhak NahabooLooks glitched until MICROSOFT bother to fix it.
Posted by Itzhak Nahaboo on 19 May at 10:37
wereszko7 days and nothing for me
Posted by wereszko on 19 May at 11:37
RELENTTTTDay 11 and nothing!
Posted by RELENTTTT on 19 May at 11:55
Der KonnyDay 14... nothing
Posted by Der Konny on 19 May at 12:20
GraymawrHello all,

I had trouble finding where to submit a ticket on this, so I had messaged their Facebook page. I got this response today:

Hi ********, thank you for reaching out. We hope to have achievements added to the mobile version with the next update, but don’t hold me to it as we’re super busy working on the Reason 8 issue. Stay tuned and make sure you check out the patch notes!

Chat Conversation End

Type a message...
Posted by Graymawr on 19 May at 12:55
REVUPDEMFRYERSWeird because there are already achievements in the game and they're popping. My tracker is still just stuck at 28% even though I've been diligent about logging in and collecting my free car daily. I'm halfway through the daily login bonus for the month.
Posted by REVUPDEMFRYERS on 19 May at 16:11
LeakedFoot72I've been stuck on 71% for the past few days.
Posted by LeakedFoot72 on 19 May at 16:25
Any280328% here...
Posted by Any2803 on 19 May at 18:09
KrispyKr1tter66Been stuck on 20% and on my 9th day straight
Posted by KrispyKr1tter66 on 19 May at 23:38
paddycfc22Seems to be glitched for me also 😭
Posted by paddycfc22 on 19 May at 23:49
NightVisionGlitched here too
Posted by NightVision on 20 May at 02:43
OrekulGlitched here as well, stuck at 28% despite being on a 16 day streak
Posted by Orekul on 20 May at 11:34
RobEvoUKBroke, broke, broke. Getting the in game rewards for being on day 13 of a login streak, no achievement pop.
Posted by RobEvoUK on 20 May at 13:54
KatanaXStrikesGot this on day 13 of logging in.
Posted by KatanaXStrikes on 20 May at 20:37
paddycfc22Got it day 8
Posted by paddycfc22 on 21 May at 00:34
KiLLA PaNDa5280No dice for me on day 11
Posted by KiLLA PaNDa5280 on 21 May at 13:50
TastiestMold891I'm going on day 14 without it popping :(
Posted by TastiestMold891 on 21 May at 13:52
JetSetJustinOK, now on day 16 and the tracker has moved up to 85%.
Posted by JetSetJustin on 21 May at 15:06
Yeipi137Im in day 16 and still in 52%
Posted by Yeipi137 on 22 May at 07:43
C3LLDW3LLER71% for me, stuck on that.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 22 May at 18:14
dAFKave813I’ve logged in for 14 days in a row now and it is stuck on 42% for me. Any fix coming that we know of yet?
Posted by dAFKave813 on 23 May at 02:47
LakeshowStuck at 85% with 19 daily logins. Not sure if it didn't read on the achievement tracker and 6 days in a row is most its read or what but super annoying.
Posted by Lakeshow on 23 May at 08:40
Rusty Nail zh56% and got definitely more than 8 days.
Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 23 May at 09:56
GameTripperUKOn day 20 now and I'm apparently locked on day one.
Posted by GameTripperUK on 23 May at 16:00
Ali B 1475Counter got stuck at 56% for about a week, uninstalled the game, reinstalled and came back each day progess counter started working again jumped to 71% then tracked correctly - achievement popped 2 days later !
Posted by Ali B 1475 on 24 May at 12:31
OleDylano23Logged in 3 weeks straight and nothing. Stuck at 28%
Posted by OleDylano23 on 24 May at 16:17
REX GRIMREAPER7This achievement is definitely broken
Posted by REX GRIMREAPER7 on 25 May at 09:59
jj6yi just want my gamerscore
Posted by jj6y on 25 May at 14:19
Smoky BrennethLike many achievements of this kind, it's likely to count every 25 hours; if you play at the same time every day it's unlikely to count.

I'm currently launching twice a day, in the morning and at night, to encourage this to pop (I'm on day three)
Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 26 May at 02:30
BonxyI'm on day 9 and this hasn't popped yet. Shame.

Hopefully, it will get patched.
Posted by Bonxy on 26 May at 11:12
PergamentHadesIm on day ten now and it hasnt popped...
Posted by PergamentHades on 26 May at 12:09
banovichhhPopped on Day 21 for me
Posted by banovichhh on 26 May at 16:56
iagoTook 18 days for me...
Posted by iago on 26 May at 21:25
KrispyKr1tter66On day 18 still not popped
Posted by KrispyKr1tter66 on 27 May at 04:04
KrispyKr1tter66On day 18 still not popped
Posted by KrispyKr1tter66 on 27 May at 07:13
Deller1989Anyone found a way to force this yet?
Posted by Deller1989 on 27 May at 14:35
JJ DANG3RMust be bugged, not popping for me either.
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 27 May at 16:08
Goots 88I’m waiting for the streak to end (shown on the left) at the end of the month. Hoping the reset will correct itself.
Posted by Goots 88 on 27 May at 17:02
II DuKe IIHello,

This is a known issue in Forza Street and our devs are currently investigating and working on a fix.

"Committed" achievement does not track properly over the course of 7 days and does not unlock on the 7th day

I am marking this ticket as "Solved" and we will post an update to the support pages and forums once this matter is resolved.

Thank you for letting us know!

Forza Support Team
Posted by II DuKe II on 27 May at 20:42
II DuKe IIContact ... And that's what they said
Posted by II DuKe II on 27 May at 20:44
REVUPDEMFRYERSIt seems to just be popping randomly at this point. I have yet to get it to pop, others sporadically are unlocking. Guess there's nothing we can do but sit and wait for a patch or hope that it eventually unlocks.
Posted by REVUPDEMFRYERS on 27 May at 21:13
SuperRobZillaIm at day 16 logged in a row and still nada.
Posted by SuperRobZilla on 28 May at 22:41
Posted by Formless on 28 May at 23:22
CrossedFingers0Ditto!! 20+ days logged in and nothing!
Posted by CrossedFingers0 on 29 May at 05:55
MAH BOI 420Same here. Think this might be broken.
Posted by MAH BOI 420 on 29 May at 07:52
AOTP iTz Sn1p3rI'm on 21 days and nothing popped!
Posted by AOTP iTz Sn1p3r on 29 May at 09:13
Goots 88Day 24, finally jumped 8% after being at 42% for 23 days. I guess the survey they messaged is being taken seriously.
Posted by Goots 88 on 29 May at 13:48
Time Paradox 5I was at 71% for over two weeks and almost gave up. On day 22 it jumped to 81% and it unlocked today, day 23.
Posted by Time Paradox 5 on 29 May at 14:08
AOTP iTz Sn1p3rDay 22, finally popped for me!
Posted by AOTP iTz Sn1p3r on 30 May at 06:55
DanSh0wSt0pperTook me 17 consecutive days for this to unlock, definitely a buggy one
Posted by DanSh0wSt0pper on 30 May at 10:01
RogTheOutlawDay 23 today and still not popped, been showing at 85% on Xbox app for at least 7 days now, so annoying
Posted by RogTheOutlaw on 30 May at 10:31
Goots 88Finally tracking normal for me now. I suggest actually playing a race or two. That’s the only thing I can think of that I am doing different.
Posted by Goots 88 on 30 May at 13:22
ApexAssassinI have same issues as other 2 weeks logging in. Still no achievement
Posted by ApexAssassin on 30 May at 20:11
Goots 88Just popped for me... Day 30
Posted by Goots 88 on 01 Jun at 12:52
wereszko21 days and 28 %
Posted by wereszko on 01 Jun at 13:12
ProKiller 360Day 21 and just 28%
Posted by ProKiller 360 on 03 Jun at 05:29
Keith03820I have this issue too
Posted by Keith03820 on 03 Jun at 19:41
Greenway GamingLogged in every day since IOS launch. Just had the notification for the achievement in game but I haven’t actually unlocked it on Xbox.
Posted by Greenway Gaming on 03 Jun at 21:49
KriscoloIm currently on my 35th day and still stuck on 56% have been for around 30days now
Posted by Kriscolo on 05 Jun at 07:16
ACHVMNTHNTERThis is so annoying. Day 32 of playing and still nothing
Posted by ACHVMNTHNTER on 05 Jun at 13:05
ApexAssassinCant remember what day im on. But I'm still stuck on 14%. I have reported on the android app. But still nothing.
Posted by ApexAssassin on 05 Jun at 13:10
C3LLDW3LLERStuck on 71% forever it seems?
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 05 Jun at 15:38
wereszko22 days - 71 %
Posted by wereszko on 07 Jun at 03:07
sorininfSame problem for me... not unlocking even though I completed all requirements.. anything helped for you guys?
Posted by sorininf on 07 Jun at 16:15
NitrousSpeedI’m at 10 days logged in so far and stuck at 42%. They need to fix this achievement
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 07 Jun at 18:39
Tantric MonkeysSame as above. Stuck at 42%
Posted by Tantric Monkeys on 07 Jun at 20:09
jj6yday 22 and still 56% lol
Posted by jj6y on 07 Jun at 20:21
OleDylano23Cheevo is STILL bugged. I've logged in 30 days in a row and it's still stuck at 28%.
Posted by OleDylano23 on 08 Jun at 13:06
VampireMaster75same. mine is stuck at 14%. anybody figured it out?
is there a way you can track the achievements on xbox?
Posted by VampireMaster75 on 08 Jun at 15:35
Goots 88I was having issues from when I first downloaded it on iOS. I deleted the game and reinstalled. After initial tutorial it will allow you to restore previous game save, I hit OK since I already had a lot of cars and didn't want to start from scratch. I then started logging in every day and completing all the daily challenges. My progress meter on the xbox app finally started to move after being stuck on 42% forever. After playing the game daily for 8 days straight after redownloading, the achievement popped.
Posted by Goots 88 on 08 Jun at 15:40
Bassie11I was on day 8, TA tracker was stuck on 28%, then just re-installed the app on my iphone and restarted and popped right after my first race!
Posted by Bassie11 on 09 Jun at 08:41
DMpmp13If you reinstall do you lose your daily login progress or does it continue where you left off. I'm at 8 days and don't want to reset it.
Posted by DMpmp13 on 10 Jun at 13:11
Goots 88It does not reset your daily login if you choose to restore from previous save after the tutorial race.
Posted by Goots 88 on 10 Jun at 13:35
IceCreamMan1078I have logged almost a month and stuck on xbox ay 85%, i think this achievement is tied to unlock new car from the daily claim car card
Posted by IceCreamMan1078 on 10 Jun at 20:13
oinkbatAttempting to log in on the Win10 side while doing the iOS too. I don't know what day I'm on anymore, over 10. Tracked at 85%. Caca. I will try to do the daily claim car card like IceCreamMan suggested.
Posted by oinkbat on 11 Jun at 20:52
CPC6128Logged on every day on iOS since launch and it's still not popped for me, stuck on 28%
Posted by CPC6128 on 12 Jun at 11:23
Zakky24Popped today - exactly 14 days after starting to play...
Posted by Zakky24 on 12 Jun at 16:28
R3b3l Command3rDay 17: no achievement.
Posted by R3b3l Command3r on 13 Jun at 04:10
TDMage20Day 40...still nothing. Dumping this trash at 60.
Posted by TDMage20 on 13 Jun at 18:53
Crazie IrishI'm at day ten and counting.
Posted by Crazie Irish on 14 Jun at 02:31
sixfoot pandaReinstalling did the trick. Popped up on the 8th day
Posted by sixfoot panda on 16 Jun at 07:23
metalhoagieFinally unlocked after 35 days.
Posted by metalhoagie on 18 Jun at 09:13
RogTheOutlawDay 46 and it has finally popped
Posted by RogTheOutlaw on 22 Jun at 09:05
ComputedBubbleThis didn’t unlock on day 7 or 8 for me it unlocked on day 18
Posted by ComputedBubble on 23 Jun at 20:55
Tubbed39 days.
Posted by Tubbed on 24 Jun at 10:34
countryboyjohnYeah I still ain’t got it and I’ve logged in every damn day since it come out
Posted by countryboyjohn on 25 Jun at 06:04
Goots 88People keep posting how they have not got it yet. Have you all tried reloading? Reinstalling? Obtaining every daily challenge? All of the above. My tracker started working again after reinstalling. I completed all the daily challenges just to be sure. Popped.
Posted by Goots 88 on 25 Jun at 12:44
DrOp ShOtKiNg24Two weeks deep and nothing.
Posted by DrOp ShOtKiNg24 on 25 Jun at 14:10
NitrousSpeedGoots 88 - Are u playing on Phone or Windows? I been playing on IOS & currently on day 28 & stuck at 42% still even after deleting game & reinstalling. My tracker will not continue moving me towards unlocking it
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 26 Jun at 05:08
AlzzorThis unlocked for me last night. For context I was playing the game through midnight, and it popped just after midnight - so maybe that’s something to try. I’ve logged in every day for the past 48 days.
Posted by Alzzor on 26 Jun at 08:19
The FinalShroudAlso stuck at 42% on iphone.
Posted by The FinalShroud on 26 Jun at 15:15
AndroidIT6Estou bloqueado nos 71%, já desinstalei o game e reinstalei e nada aconteceu, estou online nos últimos 50 dias seguidos.
Posted by AndroidIT6 on 26 Jun at 21:02
Goots 88@nitrous iOS
Posted by Goots 88 on 27 Jun at 13:48
Steve RedmanMine popped on the seventh consecutive day of playing. I am playing on an Android (Samsung Note 10 plus)
Posted by Steve Redman on 29 Jun at 23:50
El CidStuck at 71% for me on iOS and Windows after 39 days.
Posted by El Cid on 30 Jun at 20:59
WITTO 316The developers have acknowledged the achievements aren't working... still waiting for over a month now for them to work on it.
Posted by WITTO 316 on 01 Jul at 07:22
Goots 88Since I’m nearly complete with the game, I haven’t been logging in daily. I went 3 days without logging in and when I went on this morning, I still have my daily streak going. I’m thinking I popped this by completing all of the daily tasks for 7 days in a row. I believe the achievement description is wrong.
Posted by Goots 88 on 01 Jul at 09:17
WillJoj17Took me 57 straight days, just popped
Posted by WillJoj17 on 01 Jul at 11:30
SchinderdivGoots 88 - nah, I've logged in every day for almost a month now and completed every daily objective for over two weeks straight, still haven't unlocked this achievement. I've also tried the uninstall/reinstall method after two weeks, which didn't help either.
Posted by Schinderdiv on 02 Jul at 22:39
Herr LindbergI managed to get this on day 46 by opening the game right at midnight. It popped at 00:01 for me. It may be worth trying if you have the option, but I might have just been lucky.
It jumped from 42% unlocked.
Posted by Herr Lindberg on 03 Jul at 19:54
SashamorningI logged in every night at midnight EDT, which is when the new dailies start. Popped right on time.

If people are having an issue, try closing out of the game before restarting it? It might not be registering because the game isn't starting from zero.
Posted by Sashamorning on 05 Jul at 05:18
Marcos AspiraFinally got this shit.
Posted by Marcos Aspira on 06 Jul at 04:38
GoClimbAGlacierThe concept of logging in before, right on or after the daily re-set is what did this for me. For the past 2 months I had logged on nearly every day, certainly 10+ days in a row several times, and it wasn't until I began logging in at 10PM MST, or as the day was changing that the tracker began to move and it finally popped after a 7 day run.
Posted by GoClimbAGlacier on 08 Jul at 13:18
ShadowHawk76I'm sure I saw this unlock last night playing on mobile during a race, but it hasn't on xbox live after logging into the game everyday for a month! angry
Posted by ShadowHawk76 on 10 Jul at 00:21
SchinderdivCAM TERPS - maybe you saw Back to the Streets in Forza Street unlock? I randomly see that one unlock several times a week, even though I got it a month ago. roll
Posted by Schinderdiv on 12 Jul at 19:18
Rigpig1919Just popped Randomly on day 15.
Posted by Rigpig1919 on 17 Jul at 19:42
Ian333333I'm on 15 days and it's still not popped
Posted by Ian333333 on 19 Jul at 22:14
BoL x iiCoNzZI’m on two months and still no unlock, any ideas?!
Posted by BoL x iiCoNzZ on 20 Jul at 08:16
青岛丶OGGamerRight now this achievement glitched, hope they will release update soon...
Posted by 青岛丶OGGamer on 20 Jul at 15:05
Akira CryptoStay at 28% for me
Posted by Akira Crypto on 21 Jul at 19:13
Bfool125I'm stuck at 28% too
Posted by Bfool125 on 23 Jul at 13:09
ZinnandaI've been stuck on 71% for over a week 🙃
Posted by Zinnanda on 26 Jul at 11:15
DFLO4523Met the requirements at least 7 different times! Flat out broken!
Posted by DFLO4523 on 29 Jul at 04:14
sith6668978Still stuck, If you dont finish it the very first week you have been connected. I had completed the 28 days rewards twice so far, and I connected at least twice a day so it should have been unlock long time ago.
Send a request to the support, the answer they are aware of the issue, 3 weeks ago...
(I just look at my succes guide, I was stuck at 28%, now I am at 71%, I pray that the last update corrected this issues !)
Posted by sith6668978 on 30 Jul at 09:13
deddox83I’m at 71% after 10 days in a row, and buggy just have to fix it
Posted by deddox83 on 02 Aug at 08:28
Jet KlaatuNot working for me either and I've logged in almost twice a day for a month.
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 05 Aug at 02:14
青岛丶OGGamerI have try to uninstall/install and then log 7 days in a row but still stuck at 85%.
Posted by 青岛丶OGGamer on 07 Aug at 06:51
deddox83Today unlock after 15 days
Posted by deddox83 on 07 Aug at 21:28
jj6ywas on 71% yesterday then it went to 85% today, hopefully its fixed
Posted by jj6y on 12 Aug at 16:42
jj6ylogged in at 12 am and it unlocked
Posted by jj6y on 12 Aug at 23:17
wolfsburgrazI've been stuck at 28% after 10 consecutive days. I've been logging in after midnight EST every day and playing once or twice at other times of the day. Will edit this post when and if it finally unlocks.

EDIT - At 71% on Sep 14 according to Xbox Live
EDIT - 100% on Sep 16, achievement unlocked
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 13 Aug at 15:57
BaDaSh24I was stuck on 28% for 60+ days. I don't know if this did the trick, but I logged into my xbox one and this app at the same time at 12:30 am eastern and finally shot up to 42%. Not sure if xbox 1 or the app loaded first (try it both ways). Not sure if I'm on to anything, but worth a shot.

Update 8/18: got it finally after 5:00 PM Pacific (midnight UTC)
Posted by BaDaSh24 on 15 Aug at 04:49
Jet KlaatuI've found the solution to the bug. Sign out and in again and do the 7 days. Worked for me after it bugged.
Posted by Jet Klaatu on 20 Aug at 00:02
wolfsburgrazTheir support site says it's a known issue as of a post two days ago. I don't know if this was in past bug reports, I have never looked. Hopefully it means it will be resolved in an upcoming update.
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 29 Aug at 00:07
R3b3l Command3rI cannot believe this is still an issue 3 months later. For at least that long, I've been stuck at 71%. I have now had a brand new phone for 7 days and I am still stuck at 71%. Don't hold your breath for a fix to this. I highly doubt it's coming at this point.
Posted by R3b3l Command3r on 29 Aug at 13:33
wolfsburgrazThis unlocked for me today, after around 38 consecutive days of play. I don't know if the patch the other day had anything to do with it finally unlocking, judging by all the people earning it on September 14, three yesterday and mine today perhaps it's fixed?
Posted by wolfsburgraz on 16 Sep at 05:43
True DeliriousCan anyone confirm that it's been fixed as I would love to finally get this achievement
Posted by True Delirious on 21 Sep at 01:39
OmbresoirNope. Still broken.
Posted by Ombresoir on 26 Sep at 06:08
Lurking LawyerIt popped today for me after around 20 consecutive days.

The only thing different today was I had the Xbox switched on at the same time. Most likely coincidence but who knows...? 🤷
Posted by Lurking Lawyer on 26 Sep at 11:38
wez190284Was stuck at 28% despite signing in for a month straight, was a patch added today and im now sitting at 56% hopefully thats it fixed bit well see
Posted by wez190284 on 02 Oct at 21:18
青岛丶OGGamerThis just random unlock for me today after 21 consecutive days. So just be patient....
Posted by 青岛丶OGGamer on 16 Oct at 01:05