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Not So Well Done

Well-cooked meals are never easy, dine too soon and you'll get queasy!

Not So Well Done0
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01 May 2019
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You don't need to worry about partially cooking food or anything like that, just eat something raw.

I ate some earthworms and this popped. A friend of mine ate a raw fish he had just caught and it popped for him.
planchetflawI ate 4 raw chickens and nothing. But I cooked a raw chicken for a second then are it and it popped. So I don't think raw chicken works even though it's probably the worse of that list to eat raw.
Posted by planchetflaw on 11 Dec 19 at 18:07
DrOp ShOtKiNg24Its wasnt worms it was leeches...unless you ate like 10 handfuls. Worms didnt pop leeches did first taste
Posted by DrOp ShOtKiNg24 on 23 Jun at 16:36