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Meat and Greet

A feast of meats all roasted well, each kind to The Hunter's Call you'll sell.

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Ahoy Maties! Welcome to the Anniversary Update in Sea of Thieves!

One of the new features is cooking! The below video will discuss the basics of how to cook, what the benefits of cooking are, benefits of new fruit, and of course how to sell meat to Merrick to Obtain the Meat and Great Achievement!

**The 6 meats specifically needed for this achievement are: Snake, Chicken, Pig, Shark, Megalodon, and Kraken**

I hope you find the video helpful!

-Damron Out

**Video guides take time and effort to make so if you feel the need to leave a negative vote please take a moment to let me know why so I can improve my solutions in the future!**

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xx Hollywood Could you mention in the guide which meats we need to sell so we don't have to search through the video? Six, right?
* Chicken
* Pig
* Snake
* Shark
* Megaladon
* Kraken
Posted by xx Hollywood on 03 May 19 at 00:03
xxDAMRONxx Will do! Yes that is the six needed
Posted by xxDAMRONxx on 03 May 19 at 00:23