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Meat and Greet

A feast of meats all roasted well, each kind to The Hunter's Call you'll sell.

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For this achievement you will have to collect, cook, and sell 6 pieces of meat.

Chicken, Pig, Snake, Shark, Megalodon, and Kraken

To collect the meat pieces you can simply hunt the six animals. When they die a piece of meat will spawn where the corpse disappears. As for the Kraken when a tentacle is killed it will drop a meat piece at that location which shimmers brightly in the water.

Another way to collect meat is to search containers in shipwrecks. I was able to find already cooked pieces of Megalodon and Kraken (the two rarest meats) within all of the barrels of a shipwreck (not just the food barrels).

You may also find fish in the shipwreck barrels which will help out with the Hook, Line, and Sinker achievement.
Sea of ThievesHook, Line and SinkerThe Hook, Line and Sinker achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 422 pointsA platter of each kind of fish will serve the Hunters quite a dish!

Cooking can be done on your ships stove or any of the fires that have a cooking pan on the various islands.

Leave the meat on the skillet and it will change to a golden brown. The chicken for example will turn brown in about two stages, first the bottom half will turn brown, and then the larger part will turn brown. Take the meat off before it turns very dark (burnt). Some meat takes longer than others.

If you cook a piece of meat on an island camp fire at night you can get this achievement as well.
Sea of ThievesDining With the StarsThe Dining With the Stars achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 16 pointsA midnight snack, if you desire, cooked to perfection on a fire!

Sell the meat to any of the members of the Hunter's call located at the Seaposts in the game. Here is a list of all of the Seaposts and locations on the map.

B-7 The Spoils of Plenty Store
H-10 The North Star Seapost
F-17 The Finest Trading Post
L-15 Stephen's Spoils
S-10 Three Paces East Seapost
O-4 The Wild Treasures Store
Y-12 Brian's Bazaar
U-20 Roaring Traders