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Secrets of the Bone Forest

Find all the artefacts among Mangonth's tusks

Secrets of the Bone Forest0
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04 May 2019
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Achievement didn't unlock for me after I collected the last two.

I viewed all the artefacts, made sure I collected the right ones, looked at a couple of videos, walked all the upper branch areas again to make sure I didn't miss any, but nothing.

I continued to the next chapter with the spider legs and then quit to main menu.

Picked continue and then went to page 3 of the checkpoints and selected the first one. Once it loaded the achievement popped right away.
TyphonicaWhilst this tip ultimately worked for me, mine didn't unlock until *after* a hard reset. Then, once I loaded up the checkpoint: bloop bloop toast
Posted by Typhonica on 15 Dec 19 at 21:46
flipmodeXXIIIAchievement only popped for me after hard reset also.
Posted by flipmodeXXIII on 07 Feb 20 at 10:20
Cuda Chris 72Hard restart and load the specific chapter worked for me.
Posted by Cuda Chris 72 on 04 Apr 20 at 17:15