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This achievement is unlocked by hitting the maximum rank in any of the 3 teams(Arboreal,Kinetic,Enemy) by completing daily sponsor objectives. The maximum rank requires you to complete a total of 48 objectives, meaning this will take a minimum of 16 days to do from scratch if you do all 3 every day.

Completed objectives are refreshed daily at 00:00 GMT, incomplete objectives will persist until you either complete them or change them(you can do this for one objective, once per day) The objectives get more difficult the further in you get and you will sometimes get some specific to your teams 'style' e.g. trick based for Enemy.

For people that already completed this pre-achievements:
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NO PULSE Is there a place that shows what rank you are?

I unlocked all the items and then it cleared the list out.

Do you have to clear it out multiple times?
Posted by NO PULSE on 13 May 19 at 16:23
Spakon The last unlock is the bike, which is at Master 5 rank there's Novice-Pro-Master with 5 ranks each, The game should tell you what rank you are in the Office
Posted by Spakon on 14 May 19 at 03:07
NO PULSE Gotcha, i see it now... so there's 3 levels. Thats what i was curious about im 'pro' right now, but i had already unlocked the goggles for Pro before i did the challenge to unlock them... odd..

Posted by NO PULSE on 14 May 19 at 04:14