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Stunt Superhero

Get 3 stars on every PR Stunt.

Stunt Superhero-0.4
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11 May 2019 23 May 2019
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This is just a solution for one PR Stunt but it was the hardest one and was killing me. Ended up smashing it with one tip. It's still using the Formula Drift Dodge. However, everyone is saying gear 3 for all the drift zones. This worked for me on all except S-Bends. Use gear 4. In gear 4 I got 94,253 first attempt heading downhill (South to North / East to West). I used Tiptronik's Drift Zone tune. Manual (GEAR 4), ABS Off, Traction Control Off, Stability Management Off, Steering Normal. Braking line may help you know when to brake more on the bends. Remember, you can use rewind before it comes up FAIL. So use that to your advantage if you make a good 25k+ first turn.
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzMaybe it was a coincidence, I don’t really FkN care! Good riddance! 4th gear got me 100k! 3rd was too slow and 5th was too fast toast
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 31 May 19 at 07:13
VisceralGnat84Working myself up
Started slow with Willys jeep 2nd gear and any Straight road is a curve.
Found that 3rd gear gave more points if you apply a good angle and really feather the throttle.
Moved up to viper, but it wont rewards my long turns so I'll try 4th next.

Edit, got it with viper on third, needed Flow, now just two long dirt roads covered in snow left, too hard in winter?
Posted by VisceralGnat84 on 18 Aug 19 at 11:27