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Beginner's Luck

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Beginner's Luck+0.1
3 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.
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Reach the Eye of the universe in one loop.

The other solution is great if you're working your way towards
Outer WildsArchaeologistThe Archaeologist achievement in Outer Wilds worth 197 pointsHidden Achievement
and you don't want to lose that progress, but if you're running this from a new expedition and just want to get the achievement here is the step by step guide:

NOTE: If you die at any point, you need to quit and start a new expedition again, this needs to be done in a single loop.
1. Acquire your launch codes from Hornfel in the Observatory
2. Launch your ship and head to the Ember Twin orbiting near the Sun
3. Land near the Distress Beacon (bright blue light being projected into the air) and acquire that Signal by scanning it with your Signal Scope
4. Hop back in your ship and fly to the Ash Twin (the other planet attached)
5. Land offset of the equator so your ship doesn't get sucked up in the sand and wait for a little bit. (You're waiting for the tower to be uncovered)
6. The tower we need to use is broken roofed one found by following the bridge from the Sun Shaped tower, there are two towers here, you want to enter the one with the dead Nomai laying in front of it (should have a broken/exposed roof)
7. Stand against the wall and look up, making sure you're underneath a piece of the remaining roof as to not get sucked up into the sand
8. Once the black hole teleporter (the purple square on the floor) is exposed, you are ready to teleport
9. To teleport, wait until the sand has come around and is going directly overhead, as it's passes over step into the middle of the room while looking up and you will be warped to the core of the Ember Twin
10. Once you've entered the core, run around the loop until you reach the orb switches, deactivate the shielding around the warp core and turn of artificial gravity and grab the newly exposed core
11. Maneuver your way back to the White Hole warp pad and leave the core and return to your ship
12. Fly to the Dark Seed Bramble and enter it with the Distress Signal searching, following the signal through seed until you arrive at the source
13. Turn around and follow the little light blocks until you reach a seed with a bunch of dead Nomai around
14. Shoot your Scout through the seed and watch it land on the Vessel now fly down to the red light
15. Stop just outside the red light seed and get out of your ship, making sure your air and fuel are full
16. Line up so you're not looking directly at any of the white lights and SLOWLY move forward to enter the seed.
17. Once you enter you should just be floating perfectly passed the Anglerfish, if you NEED to make adjustments make them very sparingly. Your goal is to float past them and when the scout reads ~1.5km you can move a little faster
18. Head to the scout location being careful of the one other potential anglerfish
19. Once you reach the seed, you can fly fast into it and head straight for the Vessel on the otherside
20. Enter the Vessel and head to the left in the hallway and enter the entryway on the left to find where you need to place the warp core
21. Place the warp core, move the orb switch to the code input device (so move it to the right) and then enter the code
22. Once the code is entered and the code entry machine descends downward, grab the orb switch and pull it upwards and enjoy your achievement!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment!
Ch1psIt's merely information others may not have known, seeing as this shows "Hidden Achievement" when showing the Secret Details. I understand it's not an exact description of what to do, but gives us an idea of what is needed.
Posted by Ch1ps On 31 May 19 at 20:13
King fiShiZjust tried it, but with unplugging the network cabel and keeping my old save in the cloud (Archaeologist Chivo...), did't work for me. But Microsoft don't like offline playing so maybe the Chivo is just delayed... proof:
Posted by King fiShiZ On 31 May 19 at 23:04
Woodsen MoosenCould you post a video? I thought I understood but I ended up in an endless seed loop in the Dark Seed Bramble.
Posted by Woodsen Moosen On 03 Jun 19 at 00:24
Ch1psAt which step did you get into an endless loop? Before finding Escape Pod 3?
Posted by Ch1ps On 03 Jun 19 at 01:13
terrett101Couple of questions/pointers:

1. Does the player know the code by the time they get to the Vessel? I'm assuming the only way to obtain it is on Giant's Deep, which is being skipped here. It might be worth adding that here.
2. I think you can remove steps 15/16. You don't need to leave your ship when avoiding the anglers. Just head right into that next seed, and as the scene transitions, just don't touch your left thumbstick or RT/LT. Once you get close to the red center, you can then start gassing it again to the scout. I'm also pretty sure ANY adjustment to your trajectory will trigger the fish, although I haven't tested it thoroughly.
Posted by terrett101 On 04 Jun 19 at 03:10
Ch1psTo answer number 1, this is assumed that you already know the code to be entered on the Vessel, I don't have a screen cap of it, otherwise I would have added it, but yeah... I figured no one would be going for this one FIRST as it kinda ruins the game to rush through right away.
Posted by Ch1ps On 04 Jun 19 at 04:49
thatNoseyParkerI got very confused at around 12-13 (although I was also getting confused at earlier steps, referring to the video I’m the other solution where necessary for visual aid).
Flew into the foggy core, “following the light blocks”, didn’t see any “seed” or dead nomai, suddenly the light turns out to be a GIANT angler (heart skipped a beat lmao) which then proceeded to chase me and eat me

I appreciate the text steps and the effort you’ve put in so far, but so more details or even better some screenshots would help immensely
Posted by thatNoseyParker On 06 Jun 19 at 01:31
terrett101@thatNoseyParker - the light blocks are not the glowing lights in the fog, but rather a trail of lights that lead away from the signal source described in step 12. It sounds like you haven't reached the source described in 12 yet, so focus on that, and then the trail of lights should be more evident. These lights are only a few meters apart once you find them.
Posted by terrett101 On 06 Jun 19 at 14:17
Ch1psThanks for clarifying terrett!
Posted by Ch1ps On 06 Jun 19 at 15:28
thatNoseyParkerThanks for the help, let’s give it another go!
Also, you don’t need to be looking up at the ember twin when teleporting
Posted by thatNoseyParker On 06 Jun 19 at 18:03
thatNoseyParkerOk I found the seed with the dead nomai, but shooting the scout at it either gets it stuck on the edge or goes straight through, not sure what “vessel” you mean? I assume it’s supposed to teleport somewhere?

Moving on I got past the angler fish and was approaching the red light and then the supernova got me lol
Posted by thatNoseyParker On 06 Jun 19 at 18:37
Ch1psSo with the scout, you can take pictures as it flies through, so upon doing so you'll see it hit a big nice ship, but really you just need the scout to know where to fly after entering the Red Seed.
Posted by Ch1ps On 06 Jun 19 at 21:27
WhyattThrashYup 15 and 16 are unnecessary. When entering that particular seed, the speed and direction will ALWAYS be the same so that you will safely (although slowly) get past the anglerfish. It doesn't matter whatsoever how you enter it.
Posted by WhyattThrash On 12 Jun 19 at 17:08
Calex dEUSFor step 12 you are not going to have the distress signal to follow if doing this on a new save in one loop.
Posted by Calex dEUS On 15 Jun 19 at 11:58
WhyattThrashYou do if you fetch the signal (step 3)
Posted by WhyattThrash On 15 Jun 19 at 13:55
Calex dEUSI need to learn how to read
Posted by Calex dEUS On 15 Jun 19 at 21:57
Noble RoyaleGot this today first try. My last achieve. I had like 1 minute left I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Thanks for the guide. What a game.
Posted by Noble Royale On 23 Jun 19 at 22:50
Hercules SR117Yep, just confirming that step 15 and 16 are unnecessary. I have flown through multiple times with no worries. You can even adjust the ships trajectory while floating past the anglerfish. Just don't apply any gas.

Also, the trail of lights described in step 13 are tiny little lights that are blueish in colour. They are not the large white lights that you have been seeing this whole time. Once you get there it's really obvious what these lights are.

As for firing your scout through the seed in step 14, you just need to aim your ship slightly to the left of the opening to account for where the scout shooter sits on your ship. If you are struggling with this, you can always exit your ship and float right up to the opening and fire through using your personal scout shooter. Either way, once the scout flies through the opening you can take some photos as it travels. These photos should reveal a large vessel. This is your destination. The scout will land on it and give you the exact coordinates you need to follow once you go through the red seed in step 17.

Anybody who has played this game through from beginning to end will be able to follow the original solution with ease. If you are struggling to understand this person's solution then you really need to play the game first before tackling this achievement. Everything that is described here are basic mechanics, strategies and locations that you will use/visit throughout the game.
Posted by Hercules SR117 On 15 Aug 19 at 01:36
platinumpwnzorIn case anyone is wondering about acquiring the Eye coordinates legit instead of cheesing it off of a screencap, you actually have more than enough time to head to Giant's Deep before heading to the Hourglass twins (after step 1.) It gives you something to do rather than sleeping at a campfire or waiting for the Ember core teleportation pad to be exposed.
Posted by platinumpwnzor On 29 Oct 19 at 00:49
WhyattThrashIn concern of “doing this one legit”, I can only mirror the previous commenter mentioning that you really should play the whole game through and only then attempt this. This solution works great as a “minimum steps required” for the achievement, but hopefully you have the code documented already somewhere from when you first completed it.

Also, If you want to get this without losing your progress; you can go offline, then delete your local save file, finish the achievement, go online just enough for it to pop, then delete that local save file, boot the game up again and download your save from the cloud. That’s how I did it.
Posted by WhyattThrash On 26 Nov 19 at 11:02
GRAND NOBLEI'm giving a thumbs up for the idea of getting the DISTRESS BEACON off the planet first. Seems obvious but since I completed everything I was used to having all Signalscope sounds available. But with starting a new expedition, I went right into Dark Bramble and got lost lol. Thanks for the obvious! 100%!
Posted by GRAND NOBLE On 02 Dec 19 at 00:22
crewdyIdea is sound, you can do this is in WAY less steps though if your gutsy enough 😆. Once you've played through once and know all the mechanics it's a breeze.

You can also skip going to Escape Pod 3 if you know where the final seed pod is: follow the second red light to the eggs then head south-east under an S-shaped vine and boost to the pod.

Did the whole thing first try in less than 10 minutes! 😊
Posted by crewdy#4923 On 31 Dec 19 at 22:06
Fl0ydPinkert0nAny tips for going through the Dark Bramble faster. I've tried this several times now. Once I get there and lined up with the hole, I thrust hard; however, my ship eventually slows down to 1 or 2 m/s before getting to the next area. I've tried coasting, but run out of time. I've also tried tapping thrust, but obviously get eaten.
Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n On 19 May 20 at 21:30
WhyattThrashFl0ydPinkert0n yes it automatically slows you down to warn you to get past the anglerfish. You can still do very tiny thrusts as you start to pass them, but you shouldn’t have to speed run that part (since you can speed run everything else)

Even slowly going past the anglers, IIRC you can still complete the game in about 15 minutes once you know exactly what you have to do. Just keep practicing the steps and you’ll get it down eventually!
Posted by WhyattThrash On 19 May 20 at 21:53
Fl0ydPinkert0nThanks for the tip. I'll keep trying. Those anglers have been a pain.
Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n On 20 May 20 at 01:23
WhyattThrashOnce you’re a bit further from the anglerfish, you can also just hightail it to the next seed. You can outrun them to the seed, since it’s not very far away. But I’ve always made sure that I’m a little bit past them first.

This depends on how confident you are piloting the ship though, and as mentioned, it’s not needed. You still have enough time to complete the game even when taking this section carefully, and slowly accelerating after passing the fish.
Posted by WhyattThrash On 20 May 20 at 15:56
Fl0ydPinkert0nYes, I finally did it! There were a couple points in the Dark Bramble where I had to be brave.

For example, after I fired off the Scout and got back in my ship, I had a hard time adjusting my trajectory without using my thrust, and ended up heading right into the orange light cluster of seeds. As a result, I took a risk and gunned it for the next area, and luckily made it through with an Angler right on my tail.
Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n On 20 May 20 at 23:43
WhyattThrashFl0ydPinkert0n hang on, you ONLY need to take it slow when there’s a possible angler around, as in, an unidentified white light. The rest of the time you can just boost away. I think I understand why you were timing out now... XD Anyways, good show, nicely done!
Posted by WhyattThrash On 21 May 20 at 17:47
GRAND NOBLEYeah you can blast through the Dark Bramble most of the time. There's only 1 bramble-node that you pass (on this run) with Anglers. And getting through that node, even at a slow pace, only takes about 30 second to a 1 minute.
Posted by GRAND NOBLE On 21 May 20 at 20:25
Fl0ydPinkert0nWell, that's good to know. I watched the guide from one of the other solutions, and he seemed to take it pretty slow through most of the Dark Bramble.

Solution for Beginner's Luck In Outer Wilds

I thought that was the case, especially since I'd get swallowed if / when I did use the boost.
Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n On 21 May 20 at 20:43
mauro is coolI never looked up how to get to the vessel before, but I can confirm you don't need to leave your ship if you don't want to. I have made about 5 total trips in my playthrough and never once did I leave my ship, so you are safe regardless. In fact, you can actually speed up a bit before entering the orange seed and you'll float a little faster too
Posted by mauro is cool On 30 Jan 21 at 02:19
benvegYou can skip most steps if u remember where the Vessel is (enter red hole, let ur ship drift to the red eggs, turn right and enter the unlit hole)
Posted by benveg On 27 Jun 21 at 15:04
TheBoxyBearDoes starting a new expedition reset logs?
Posted by TheBoxyBear On 27 Jun 21 at 17:52
Stevo6483Yes, starting a new expedition will reset all logs, so either go for this first (not recommended) or do it last after you've done everything else in the game.
Posted by Stevo6483 On 28 Jun 21 at 13:18
Adler FSWhenever I try to teleport on the sand twin, I keep getting sucked upward by the sand. Is there a trick to this? I've tried holding RT, i've tried different timings, looked up some videos. There is always a cactus on my version ,but some of the video guides don't have a cactus, so I'm assuming there has been a patch...
Posted by Adler FS On 03 Feb 22 at 20:41
ZakMcRoflAdler FS: To get into the teleporter, stand under the archway inside the room or in the entry (basically make sure you don't see the sky if you look up). Then, around 2 seconds after the sand fountain goes into the room, walk onto the teleporter pad and boost downwards.
Posted by ZakMcRofl On 12 Feb 22 at 13:46
thijsbosIs there a way to do this without losing all your progress?
Posted by thijsbos On 23 Jan at 19:54
EarthboundXNope, you have to start a brand new game. Great guide!
Posted by EarthboundX On 02 Feb at 13:58
WhyattThrashYes you can by doing it offline then deleting your save and syncing from the cloud.
Posted by WhyattThrash On 02 Feb at 14:35
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