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Artificial Selection

Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey.

Artificial Selection-0.3
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jordan macitjordan macit242,412
07 Jun 2019
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So for this I got a bit confused whilst following the other guides but this is what worked for me, also tried with another account and worked perfect.

I used a lead (took one from a traveler) to grab a donkey and horse and bring them to my farm and fence them in. Now make sure you tame them!! I wasted 5 golden apples trying to feed them but got it first time after making sure they were both tamed (for me the donkey wouldn't enter love mode until he had been previously tamed).

After taming both the animals then feed the donkey a golden carrot and the horse a golden apple (i'm not sure if either or both work for them but this is what I used.) and they will both be in love mode and next thing you know, you are now 30 Gamerscore richer!