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Here Comes a New Challenger!

Complete all 20 Collection Challenges of the Challenge Mode.

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12 Jun 2019
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This achievement is a grind but isn't too difficult. The solutions by PhatDaemien and Forlorn Wolf have some solid tips and strategies, I just wanted to post something that might help people save a little bit of time. When you have collected all the animals for a zoo, transfer them all to your reserve (you can do this by selecting the animal then scrolling over to the 'send to reserve' option); this way you can use the same animals for other zoos rather than repurchasing them. I found that I kept forgetting which animal species I had already put in the reserve because there are so many, and I also spent a lot of time switching to the menu to look up which animal were needed for the particular zoo I was working on.

So with that said I have created a spreadsheet with all the species of animal in the game, and the species each zoo requires to complete the collection challenge. I kept this open while I played and it helped me stay organized and save a bit of time as well. To condense the size of the sheet so that it can all be viewed without scroll sideways, each zoo is represented by its abbreviation, and works from left to right across the map starting from the 'West Coast Animal Park' (abbreviated WCAP). The 'X's' mean that the animal is not required for that specific zoo collection,
Let me know if you have any questions or spot an error, here is the link.
KinectKid333I wish I saw this before I finished this achievement! I was doing this anyway, but you would have saved me the time of having to create my own spreadsheet. After I started using a spreadsheet, I was saving a ton of time because I wouldn't be pausing the game to check the Zoo Collection every 30 seconds.

I would also recommend keeping your reserve cleaned up. After you finish a zoo, it should be mostly empty -- you probably want less than 20 animals at the most. It's okay to have a few random animals in there for selling for $26,400, but you don't want to be scrolling through hundreds of animals just to take one animal out of the reserve. That's what I was doing for my first 15 or so zoos because I was just dumping everything in the reserve after I finished a zoo. I thought I was helping myself because I thought that each animal in the reserve is essentially a $26K cash injection whenever you need it, but I was so wrong. The cash injections are nice, but having too many animals will make things slower because you'll spend so much time scrolling through the reserve. When I finally cleaned it up, those last five zoos went by so quickly. Trust me when I say to not put everything in there. Don't even put most animals in there. Like I said, you should have a few animals for $26K cash injections, and the only other time you should put animals in the reserve is if you're directly moving them to / from a zoo.
Posted by KinectKid333 on 24 Aug 20 at 06:33