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Clutch Isn't Just for Cars

Start building your Master Builder's House.

Clutch Isn't Just for Cars0
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14 Jun 2019
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To get this achievement you have to complete the first general brick collection challenge, which is 200 bricks overall. You can choose any of the challenges you wish and after you obtain at least 200 you'll be instructed to go back to your property at the festival site. Once you are there, there will be a short cutscene and the achievement should pop.
LordChabelo13Easiest challenge I have seen is the find the football stadium one. Just drive east from the house and the stadium is there, clearly visible in the map.
Posted by LordChabelo13 on 14 Jun 19 at 15:23
HolyHalfDeadSeveral hundred Brick Challenges and 12,500 bricks later and your house will be complete! This will take a while.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 16 Jun 19 at 19:46