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Winner, Winner, Brick'n Dinner

Win all the Race Events in LEGO® Valley.

Winner, Winner, Brick'n Dinner-0.2
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The Ol n DeThe Ol n De305,062
14 Jun 2019 15 Jun 2019
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You need to win all the:
- Road Racing Series
- Dirt Racing Series
- Cross Country Series
- Drag Strips events

Including the Specials:
- Senna Speed Champions Race
- Lego Ferrari F40 Speed Champions Race
- Goliath (unlocks once you got yourself the plane)

Make sure you complete the season events downgraded to normal too.
(press Y after you selected the event with X)
TheFlyingBobinLittle tip from my experience. I did all the standard races in normal cars, then switched to the Lego Senna for ‘The Goliath’ last and bagged 3 rare achievements in a row. You’ll always bag the other two from the specials as well of course.
Posted by TheFlyingBobin on 15 Jun 19 at 00:23
NoHeroes94Just a quick one; I understand how to switch the seasonal championships to a normal race, but it only makes me do the one this fine? (i.e. the one at Falcon Speedway). You normally have to do 3 races in a seasonal.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 15 Jun 19 at 19:31
The Ol n DeNoHeroes94,
Yes, as I tried badly to explain, the seasonal races are championships,
whilst the normal events are single race.
Posted by The Ol n De on 15 Jun 19 at 22:57
C3LLDW3LLERAlso use the easy win blueprints, saves a lot of time.
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 20 Jun 19 at 19:18
jacky roosterCheers C3LLDW3LLER
Posted by jacky rooster on 07 Aug 19 at 03:38