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Arctic point pressure

Lifetime Score 61,920,000 in The Arctic Ocean

Arctic point pressure+0.4
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16 Jun 2019
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Like the other three score achievements, you will end up coming back to The Arctic Ocean with late-game sharks that will really rack up score for you as you'll need to complete missions in this area.

The game does track progress for you, but do not worry about grinding out The Arctic Ocean to grab the close to 62M score necessary for the achievement.
ANJODASTREVAS2I already got that score but the achievement stopped at 35%, and in just one of the matches I made 51 million, you know what can be happening?
Posted by ANJODASTREVAS2 on 01 Jul at 03:06
THE DEADLY DOGSounds like an issue with the tracking. I've heard that hard resets can help, haven't had the problem myself ANJODASTREVA.
Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 01 Jul at 03:23
Posted by ANJODASTREVAS2 on 06 Jul at 16:37