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Deus Vult

As a spiritualist Empire, own 4 holy worlds

Deus Vult-2.9
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Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,300,471
16 Jun 2019
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Found this on Steam Community - hope it helps:
The Spiritualistic Fallen Empire owns 4 Holy Worlds. Defeat them in a battle and conquer those planets to get the Achievement

Holy Worlds are Gaia planets with 100% habitability, but they have a special icon in the upper left of their planet screen (the usual place where you see positives or negatives for a planet)

They also have special names:Pristine Jewel, Walled garden, Prophet's Retreat, and Emerald Mausoleum (I THINK those are the 4 names, i'm hazy on it still)

To get all 4 to spawn in one world, set your amount of habitable planets to max and use a large galaxy.