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World 1

Complete the 1st world

World 10
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22 Jun 2019
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Hey Guys and Gals.. Just a 100% Achievement Guide/Walkthrough for those wanting to blast it out quick! :)

Follow the guide and complete the first world, easy enough, can be done in a little over 5 minutes.

LordKevin75Thx for making this helped a lot
Posted by LordKevin75 on 08 Aug 19 at 00:51
TheWelshHuntNo worries mate, Glad it helped :)
Posted by TheWelshHunt on 08 Aug 19 at 09:23
Itchy BahookGreat guide, thanks clap
Posted by Itchy Bahook on 28 Jan 20 at 19:16
TheWelshHuntNo worries at all! Glad it Helped! smile
Posted by TheWelshHunt on 29 Jan 20 at 19:02