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Hoist the Flag

In Multiplayer, capture 10 flags in Frontlines

Hoist the Flag+0.5
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22 Jun 2019
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Due to a low player count, the gamemode was removed with Domination on May 30th, 2019. The only way you'll be able to get this achievement now is if you manage to reach the 'Frontlines' part of the game mode 'Grand Operations'.
LoutishhYup! I got progress towards the achievement in Grand Operations. Thanks!
Posted by Loutishh on 21 Jul 19 at 18:09
Elite1111111111Just a note - not every Grand Operation has a Frontlines part. Only Battle for France (Twisted Steel, Arras) and Raid on Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Devastation) do.

Also, they have brought frontlines back a couple times for Tides of War, though it usually shares a playlist with something else. For example, when Marita was added, they had a playlist for Marita that went Domination - Frontlines - Frontlines (switched sides).
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 22 Aug 19 at 14:30
UniQ G4M3R NLI just got it done on a custom server of someone in a Frontlines game. It said "Tides of War disabled", but that didn't matter. When I joined, it was 3 against 2, me being in the team of 2. I joined the other team by joining through a player profile of the other team, so it would be 4 to 1. We could then easily capture 3 flags per game and got it done in no time.

I've spend hours working on this with Grand Operations, but I only got 4 flags. This custom Frontlines game got me the achievement in no time.
Posted by UniQ G4M3R NL on 04 Jan at 18:42
BelievedAxis660Am I still able to get this now?
Posted by BelievedAxis660 on 31 Mar at 17:24
Conor MageeWhat does it mean it will reset if I leave the server?
Posted by Conor Magee on 07 Apr at 02:11
JacobmnbDice has bought frontlines back for a limited time. Just search for it in advanced search
Posted by Jacobmnb on 23 Apr at 14:15
iBaldy87Beat me to it @jaccobmnb!
Posted by iBaldy87 on 23 Apr at 17:28