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Defeat Chanel with grace

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24 Jun 2019 22 Jul 2019
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There are reports that this achievement is glitch. That means even if you get all the two requirements below, the achievement is not guaranteed to pop.
• Need to beat her fast (less than two minutes)
• Don’t let her turn into ugly worm
You can take damage. It won’t void the achievement.

Tips that might help with her fight:
- Choose her as your first boss fight
- Use your big sword (press UP/DOWN on directional button). It is slow but has long range.
- I found that walking toward her and roll forward is more effective than rolling left/right in order to dodge her attack.
- Best way to avoid her ‘raining arrows’ is by holding RT to run fast (not pressing A to roll)
- Fire imbued your sword. It will chip down her health faster (press left or right on direction button to find an icon of fire, than press RB to use it). Strongly recommend to have your sword imbued with fire at the start. [Edit: as LCDS Nito suggested however, don't finish her while your sword is imbued with fire]
- When her health is low, you need to take her down quickly while she is stunning otherwise she will turn into the worm. However, by the time she is stunned, you are more likely running out of stamina. Don't panic. Consider standing still for one or two seconds to have your stamina back to half bar, and then finish her off with (normally) two slashes.
It goes without saying that logging on to your enemy is a must in this boss fight.
LCDS NitoGuys trust me, DON'T finish her with the fire imbued sword. You won't unlock it. I did it +20 times this way and it won't unlock. I think achievements are not buggy on this game ( or not anymore ). You just need several requirements that can be tricky to realise at the same time. You can heal yourself and use the fire sword but I'm pretty sure you CAN'T finish her with it. The last hit has to be with the normal sword for some reason. When I did it this way, it unlocks instantly. If you're struggling to achieve this, you should test this way.
Posted by LCDS Nito on 11 Jul 19 at 08:19
A Boss MonsterI defeated her multiple times without this popping but when I did pop this I was using a fire sword but I hadn't used a healing item. This may have something to do with it?
Posted by A Boss Monster on 27 Jul 19 at 05:55
SavenalI got this achievement with using healing potion.
The requirement are right.
Posted by Savenal on 12 Oct 19 at 16:22