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Red Dead Online: Reach Rank 50.

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24 Jun 2019 24 Jun 2019
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This boost is an adaptation of the original but obsolete method posted on powerpyx last year.

You can read it here:

It is also a great way to level up for those who keep disconnecting due the error 0x20010006, or don't like competitive games / dealing with bad behavior players. I've updated it considering the new matchmaking system which is easier than Beta's and the "restart from checkpoint" that doens't work anymore. You also may earn 35% to 60% MORE XP during bonus events.


0 - Make a 2-player posse with a friend.

1 - Posse Leader must initiate replay of the online story mission “Kill Them, Each and Every One” (Pause Menu cn_start > Progress > Story > Select Mission > hold cn_X to Replay).
Note: The Posse Leader must have beaten this mission for replay to be available. The joining player only needs to have beaten the online tutorial.

2 - Posse leader must click cn_A to Start Mission then after a loading screen both players press cn_Y. Skip the cutscene (hold cn_A) to save time. One player goes to the mission objective which is the Fort Mercer. You can take some shortcuts avoiding the winding track by going in a straight line through cacti.

3 - After a cutscene where you put on helmets is where the actual XP boost starts. You will get for free “Split Point” Ammo for the Carbine Repeater and Revolver. Open weapon wheel cn_LB, hover over the Carbine Repeater and press cn_right to select Split Point Ammo!

4 - Both players take cover. Near each cannon there is a convenient cover spot: to the left of the Fort's entrance you can use a wooden barrel and a box and to the right there is a big rock. Kill both gunners using Maxim, few enemies that are near your cover and at least two guys protecting the Fort's wall (we call them snipers for convenience). Let three or four enemies alive in ground level.

5 - Open weapon wheel cn_LB, hover over the Revolver and press cn_right to select Split Point Ammo! Now is the main part: run towards your enemies and press cn_B when near enough to tackle them. Press cn_RT to execute with your revolver.

You should receive*: 5XP for kill + 10XP for execution + 10XP for kill with special ammo

Extra Bonuses:
"Eyes Wide Shut" + 10XP (not sure when this bonus is granted, but it pops sometimes)
"Last Chance" + 5XP (use all your 6 bullets to execute enemies and this bonus may be granted to your next kill - do not reload your revolver)

*Event Update:
Sometimes for a whole week, the values are increased by Rockstar to 7XP instead 5XP and 13XP instead of 10XP.

6 - Don't waste your time blowing up the Fort entrance with cannons, instead run to the left and use the stairs, then jump the wall. One player takes the left route killing everyone with executions. The other player takes the right path. Try to keep close as this makes the enemies to spawn nearby. Kill all enemies in the upper floor, go to the front yard of the Fort with no mercy but watch out an old man carrying a shotgun, then go to the backyard luring groups to the corridors, to avoid too much damage. Soon Teddy Brown will arrive..."Think I'm affraid of you fools?......Huummph". Kill the remaining henchmans but keep Teddy alive. Die spending your remaning lives until the mission fails.

7 - Press cn_X to restart the mission and repeat it once. You can only play it 2 times in a row, because after that you won't earn XP bonus for execution neither for using special ammo.

8 - After playing the mission twice, in the FAIL screen, press cn_Y to bring your posse to the open world. As soon you are able to move your character, repeat steps 1 to 7.

9 - You will earn some nice gold buckles during the boost, make sure to reset then as soon as you can and receive gold nuggets and extra XP.

10 - You will unlock cards and new slots to equip them as you level up. I recommend both players to equip these if they have money to spare:


In order to reach Rank 50 for the “Notorious” achievement you will need about 170,425 XP so this will take some time, I'd say about 25h or 30h depending of your disconnection rate due error 0x20010006 but it is much faster than playing PVP matches and you don’t need any skill to do this. You can also switch up routes so your XP farming doesn’t get too boring. Good hunt!

Feedback: Please, if you vote negative, take a minute to comment on how I can improve this solution. The same goes for any grammatical mistake you may find, because English is not my main language and I would gladly correct the text.
netstrykerThis is the only solution that really works currently. I got the achievement using this solution. Great solution rafa1000house. clap
Posted by netstryker on 24 Jun 19 at 18:03
Xela KillazGreat! :D
When I restart the mission for the first time I already dont get the bonuses for the Ammunition and Execution anymore.
Already fixed? Im just skipping step 7 and it still works fine for me.
Posted by Xela Killaz on 01 Aug 19 at 17:43
rafa1000houseThanks for your comment, Xela Killaz. Not sure if it was patched but I'm glad it still works and it's good enough for you. Did you try changing the posse host, or play in different servers? I hope an event with bonus XP can make things faster soon.
Posted by rafa1000house on 01 Aug 19 at 20:27
R1KM4NLove this solution. Looking to go for this achievement early this year and everything is laid out super clearly and easy to read. Will comment back when trying to confirm if everything is still working. Thanks for the help!
Posted by R1KM4N on 04 Jan 20 at 16:00
rafa1000houseThank you for your kindness! Good luck boosting it, I hope you have a good time with your boost partner(s).
Posted by rafa1000house on 06 Jan 20 at 20:39
psybOltOnWhile I'll probably take the longer, but less grindy path, you deserve a thumbs up for the well written guide.
Posted by psybOltOn on 10 May 21 at 22:29