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Lusty Chanel

Defeat Chanel

Lusty Chanel0
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25 Jun 2019 25 Jun 2019
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Tips that might help with her fight:
- At the start of the fight, log on to her and add fire to your weapon. It will chip down her health faster (press left or right on direction button to find an icon of fire, than press RB to use it). Strongly recommend to have your sword imbued with fire whenever you can.
- I personally found that walking toward her and roll forward is more effective than rolling left/right in order to dodge her attack.
- Best way to avoid her ‘raining arrows’ is by holding RT to run fast (not pressing A to roll)
- When her health is low, you need to take her down immediately when she stunned otherwise she will turn into the worm. However, by the time she is stunned, you are more likely running out of stamina. Don't panic. Consider standing still for one or two seconds to have your stamina back to half bar, and then finish her off with (normally) two slashes.

The video is not mine and credit goes to the creator of the video. You will notice that he often walk toward her. However, he roll to the left or right to avoid her attack. For me, I have better luck rolling toward her as that would sometime put me right behind her.