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Chaos Master

Get all the Chaos Emeralds.

Chaos Master+0.2
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09 Sep 2008
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It is possible to get all 7 Emeralds by the end of Act 2 of Emerald Hill - providing you know where all of the checkpoint posts are.

Take some time out to learn where each of them is and learn how to make sure you have the sufficient amount of rings before you get there. Passing a checkpoint without the required amount of rings will deem it useless if you are planning on trying for a Chaos Emerald. Also note that if you pass a checkpoint after missing one - it will deem all of the checkpoints before it useless too.

To enter a special stage you need to have collected 50 rings. Once you pass the checkpoint a circle of stars will appear above it - just jump into it to begin the special stage.

Make use of the save feature wherever you feel you need it - at the beginning of the stage and/or after each checkpoint. Once you have the emerald in your grasp you'll be transported back to the main level - However all of the rings and items will reappear, so by all means head backwards to collect some more rings to prepare for the next checkpoint.
White ShadowsVery detailed, good job!
Posted by White Shadows on 12 Nov 08 at 04:20
xombie25Man! one more emerald, I had hoped there were only six
Posted by xombie25 on 13 Jun 09 at 00:00
Kungfupanda17he does say 7 emeralds in the frist 10 words of the guide....*sigh*
Posted by Kungfupanda17 on 06 Dec 09 at 14:46
TJ2012Um i didnt git the achivment even though i got all 7 Emeralds any clue why?
Posted by TJ2012 on 26 Jun 10 at 01:59
x2iDid you play it co-op?
Posted by x2i on 26 Jun 10 at 02:03
Here you'll find the map of both levels, very useful.
Posted by PrismSub7 on 10 Jan 11 at 00:26
XonatronThanks for that guide!
Posted by Xonatron on 07 May 11 at 19:50
Case Dang ItAwesome solution and thanks for the website PrismSub7.
Posted by Case Dang It on 22 May 11 at 07:21
Bigrc6245Good job PrismSub7 VERY DETAILED!!!
Posted by Bigrc6245 on 24 Jun 11 at 14:24
CashinI found this video really helpful with the special stages, the rings always appear in the same spot, so once you get the pattern down it's just a matter of brute forcing your way through this achievement.
Posted by Cashin on 28 Sep 17 at 22:41