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In the Brick of Time

Earn all stars possible from Trailblazers in LEGO® Valley.

In the Brick of Time-0.1
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05 Jul 2019
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Hi Guys and Gals!

Trailblazing personally for me, was always a pain in the ass, but with the right car and the ability to rewind a lot, you should have no issues with it apart from a few frustrations!

I used a few variety of cars, X Class cars dont work as the speed is good, but handling is obviously shocking.
Then tried an upgraded Subaru, Didnt help me either, so a Lego Mclaren Senna upgraded did the trick for me, the balance between speed and handling was perfect!

So again, note where ive started in the video, and any time you feel you've taken a corner too slowly or a jump didnt go right, rewind it until you hit it perfectly (Because if you fail, you cant fast travel back to the beginning)

Festival Rush - 25 seconds remaining
City Approach - 25 seconds remaining
Cross City Charge - 25 seconds remaining
Desert Escape - 35 seconds remaining
Dunes Run - 20 seconds remaining

Hope this helps!