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Conference Champions

Be a member of an EASHL club that has recently won a Division Title and return to the Seasons HUB.

Conference Champions0
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12 Jul 2019
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I can confirm joining Meet Out 4 Harambe popped for me as of 7/11/19
Chester CheevoJust worked as of 8/11/19.
Posted by Chester Cheevo on 10 Aug 19 at 18:05
Farkas2266Worked for me on 9/8/19.
Posted by Farkas2266 on 09 Sep 19 at 05:45
UGWRayneWorked for me as well...10/20/19....joined club, it accepted, and within seconds thr achievement popped then left the club to leave some room.
Posted by UGWRayne on 20 Oct 19 at 15:06
rocking23nfcant seem to find this club
Posted by rocking23nf on 06 Dec 19 at 22:10
DartangellКлуб полон
Posted by Dartangell on 28 Dec 19 at 15:24