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La Vieille dame au flingue

An offer you can't refuse.

La Vieille dame au flingue-0.2
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20 Jul 2019
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Unlocked description: You accepeted Carolina's offer.

Passenger: Carolina Jarreau

She's an old woman that offers her hotel as a refuge for any other passenger that is in trouble. You need to accept her offer and the achievement will unlock.
Lu770 P3rP37u0I did but the achievement did not unlock, do I have to end the game to unlock it not is it bugged?
Posted by Lu770 P3rP37u0 on 06 Mar at 14:29
dalagar111Sorry for the late response. The achievement should pop right at the end of the conversation, when she leaves the taxi and the saving icon appears. This game is still a mess, so try again or maybe it's a bug.
Posted by dalagar111 on 15 Mar at 03:04