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Striking Fear in Their Hearts

Win 350 multiplayer games.

Striking Fear in Their Hearts-0.1
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21 Jul 2019 21 Jul 2019
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This solution will automatically start games and win them for you. No effort needed (for the most part) after setup.


TrueAchievements and I hold no responsibility for anything that happens to your computer if you choose to use this solution


A computer running Windows 10
A keyboard
The "Xbox Console Companion" app
An "auto win" Halo 3 map (you can follow Fooga's solution to download his)
Patience and lots of time (if you are going for all 500 wins at once)

General Idea
So before I go into any specifics and loads of detail, let me explain what the idea is so that you can decide if you want to read the rest or not.

On windows 10, you can stream you Xbox to you computer using the Xbox Companion App and you can control you Xbox with a controller plugged into your computer (As far as I know, only Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller work without using 3rd party software).

Well that's what we will be using, 3rd party software, to make the keyboard be able to control the Xbox through the streaming capability. This will require installing 2 different programs and some drivers onto you computer and going through a specific setup process to make everything work.

1. First things first, plug your Xbox controller into the computer (I used an Xbox 360 controller) and let the drivers install themselves. *Leave the controller plugged in*
2. Go to this link ( and download the master folder by clicking on the "clone or download" button, then choose "download as ZIP".
3. After its downloaded, extract the folder to your desktop and then open up the folder.
4. Run the "SlimDX Runtine .NET 4.0 x86" installer and go through the install.
5. Now open the "XboxKeyboardMouse" folder and run the "ScpDriverInstaller.exe" and click on the "Install Driver" button (don't exit this installer until you get the popup saying it installed).
6. Now go back a folder and open the "Installer" folder. Run the "Setup.exe" and go through the install.
7. You should have a little program open with a power symbol on it. Go ahead and click on the power symbol and make the background red.
8. Now go to this link ( and download the normal version, NOT the "server" version.
9. After it downloads, install the program and open it up.
10. Go to this link ( and download the file for the Hot Keyboard program.
11. Within Hot Keyboard, click on the "File" button in the top bar and choose "Import" and import the file you just downloaded.
12. For this macro, I chose the hotkey "Alt+K", you may change it to whatever you like. *NOTE* This hotkey ONLY starts the macro, you need to use the "Escape" button to stop the macro.
13. Almost done! We are ready to get into the game, so go ahead and get MCC running and open up the Xbox Companion App. *NOTE* If the XboxKeyboardMouse program is left with the Blue background, once the Xbox app is the primary window it will take over your mouse. Use "Alt+Tab" to make another program your primary window.
14. At this point you should have the "auto win" Halo 3 map downloaded (if not, follow Fooga's solution to download his map), using your normal Xbox One controller, go to Multiplayer, then Custom Games, then Halo 3, and then choose the map you downloaded (or made).
15. Choose the game type to be "Multi Flag" and then press the "Left Bumper" twice and press "Down" once on your Xbox Controller.
16. Turn off your Xbox One controller by holding the Xbox button and choosing "Turn controller off". Now start streaming from your Xbox to your computer in the Xbox Companion App. If needed, use "Alt+Tab" to get to the "XboxKeyboardMouse" program and click on the power icon to make the background Blue and go back to the Xbox Companion App.

And voila! The "Controller Disconnected" popup in Halo MCC should go away and you should be able to control your Xbox One with your keyboard.

17. Now we need to start the keyboard macro, so press "Alt+K" (unless you changed the hotkey) and let this solution do its thing!

Remember, to exit the keyboard macro you have to press the "Escape" key and then to regain control of your mouse press "Alt+Tab" to select a different window or program.

*NOTE* If your macro doesn't repeat and only plays once, download this file instead ( and go back to step 11 and import this file instead. This file is the same macro but I manually put the code in 50 times. So this macro will make you win 50 games before you have to use the hotkey to start it again.

In the "XboxKeyboardMouse" program, you can click on "Controller" and it will open a separate window that shows you an Xbox controller and it will display what buttons are being pressed.
You can change the inputs in this program too but you will have to change the macro as well, so only do this if you are comfortable with both programs.

So after you get your Multiplayer Win achievements you might be ready to forget about all of this. Well before you forget about what we installed, I highly recommend that you go and uninstall the two programs we installed, plus the couple extras that came with it. And you can delete any folders left on you desktop from all of this.