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Go for the Silver

Win 10 silver Daily Challenge badges.

Go for the Silver0
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25 Jul 2019
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New solution following KillaQueens515 PC method as of 2019

KillaQueens515 gave a good method however since about a year or two ago your premium cannot follow to previous months. But I have found a workaround to help speed this grind up.

1.) Make sure you are premium. It is 1.99 membership that blocks ads and give extra coins.

2.) Change date to any prior month.

3.) Open Daily Challenges under your non premium month you chose (ex. Im doing June 2019). DO NOT START ANY GAME YET OR BACK OUT TO MAIN MENU!

4.) Switch the date back to the current date and voila!!!!!!! You have premium for the previous months. Downside is that every game(day) you finish, it takes you back to the current month dates but you just use this method every time as long as you are a premium member.

ALSO from what I heard if achievement don't unlock, just get a medal in current time to sync up with servers.
One Less DuckGreat workaround! I definitely used this method after reading it.

I also had horrible issues with syncing. By the time I was done with the game I had 15 bronze, 15 silver and 12 golds I think. What I THINK works is (any one of, if not all) reinstalling the game, restarting your computer, signing out and back in via the Xbox App, and then trying to play for medals. Hopefully that helps anyone else stuck with syncing issues!
Posted by One Less Duck on 20 Aug 19 at 04:57