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Left For Dead

As the last person still alive, activate the last generator and escape through the exit gate.

Left For Dead-0.3
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31 Jul 2019 05 Aug 2019
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This is more of a solo strategy than a guide since the achievement is pretty straight forward.

This achievement is going to be very difficult at higher ranks. I suggest going for this at the lower ranks. The reason why you want to try this at lower ranks is due to that fact that you will likely be paired with a bad killer who may not know what he is doing and this is key since you do not want the killer to close the hatch at the end of the game.

Perk you should be running while attempting this achievement Self Care, Bond, Left Behind & Wake Up and a toolbox

When you attempt this achievement (whether it be at high rank or low rank) you want to focus on gens. At lower ranks, you may have teammates that dont know how to hit skill checks so do not go and rescue you teammates of the hook, leave it to your teammates to take care of that. You want to time it so that you dont finish the gens too fast. I had issues in a few games where i would do all but one gen and run the killer to my teammate, just to have my teammate locate the last almost gen and pop it before the killer can get to him. If your bringing a toolbox dont use it until the last gen. If your teammate dies and you happen to be the last one left, using the tool box in combination of the Left Behind perk, you should be able to knock out that last gen extremely fast.

Once you complete the last gen head to an exit gate (preferably farthest from the gen you just popped as the killer will likely be heading in your direction). This is where your Wake Up perk will come in handy, you will be able to open the door 15% faster(with the Tier 3 perk). If the killer is making his rounds, he will check the door and then look for the hatch (if he hasnt shut it yet). Once he leaves your gate you pretty much have it in the bag unless he has something that can one hit you like NoED .

With all that being said good luck. If there is anything that I can add let me know. I solo farmed this for 2 hrs so hopefully with a buddy it should be a lot easier.
Draco719I just did achievement. I waited to pop last gen once last guy was fully dead and showed the skull, open the gate, ran out....nothing. God that sucks.
Posted by Draco719 on 26 Aug 19 at 04:23
StripedGorgon20Same happen to me they need fix it
Posted by StripedGorgon20 on 28 Aug 19 at 13:36
IamMetallica121Heads up, they changed the perk Left Behind and it's not useful anymore
Posted by IamMetallica121 on 29 Oct 19 at 12:57
New ParalyzerSo I just got lucky with this one.

I was last person alive. 2 Gens remained. I started and finished 1 Gen. 1 Gen Remained, Killer Shut Hatch. I opened the door and ran out. Achievement unlocked!

It seems if you solo 1 gen while everyone is dead and this the door gets activated by the killer the achievement trigger is still met. Very useful since End Game Collapse makes this scenario impossible.
Posted by New Paralyzer on 07 Feb 20 at 01:12
TTV JONYLOOPSo hard 😭 If the killer is noob all team make all gen Very faster, If he dont, always left more than 3 gen to do at end.
Posted by TTV JONYLOOP on 21 Apr 20 at 15:50
A Big RadroachI'd argue about the Toolbox and switch Bond for Empathy personally. Definitely play at lower ranks for this. Spend the game breaking Totems and searching Chests. When the game has 2 people left. You'll see your teammate get hit because of Empathy and it'll let you know how far away the Killer is from you to start a gen. Start repairing or continue repairing once you find one. Leave it at around 95%. Once the icon has changed in the bottom left to you being the only one left and the Hatch option appears. Finish the generator and run to the closest gate. Don't start yet but wait until either:
1) The Killer comes past the gate on an initial patrol.
2) The Killer closes the Hatch. You're using the Hatch as bait.
If you're lucky enough. The Hatch spawned too far away and younll be able to just open the gate and walk out.
It requires a bit of luck of course
Posted by A Big Radroach on 28 Apr 20 at 10:54
Unisaurus13Did this but it didn't unlock...
Posted by Unisaurus13 on 07 May 20 at 02:01
LonesquiffJust had this pop when I finished the last gen but the killer opened the door.
Posted by Lonesquiff on 28 Oct 20 at 23:23
Zaro KarosI just escaped after finishing the last generator (a player disconnected and the other 2 died), of course, the achievement didn't unlock. Spent about 20 hours now going for it without a group.
Posted by Zaro Karos on 22 Feb at 22:20
SERVINE921Did it without boosting, achievement didn't unlock :(
Posted by SERVINE921 on 25 Feb at 03:05