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Road to Gears 5: Boost

Complete 3 Matches of Horde between 8/1/19 - 9/2/19 10am PST.

01 Aug 2019 until 02 Sep 2019

Road to Gears 5: Boost
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01 Aug 2019 01 Aug 2019
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I confirm that you can select and finish the 50 or 25 wave (thank you Princess BenKun ), just choose any map, grab your friends, I suggest to play as the sniper and use the following cards

External image

You and your friends commit suicide the scout will pick up your energy, and use sniper strike or team revive if one of your buddies get down.

*Original Solution*

A speedrun is the best option, play on lift or War Machine, there are a lot of sessions with those maps.
I enjoy playing as the Soldier, I use these cards
1 hour per speedrun, you will get the cheevo on 3 hours

External image

if you like to play by yourself play the juvie madness option, just go to settings and select juvie madness

External image

Then play as the scout with the following cards, you can change the first one for the shotgun capacity, I recommend play with cards at lvl 3 or 4 (minimum)

External image

Juvie madness is a match with 25 waves of juvies and the trackers (the enemy ball) waves 5,10,15,20 and 25 spawn bosses (pouncers, robots, scion) you can handle it. (1 hour 45 minutes average)
SchizoPsycho74So do you have to complete all 25 or 50 waves? Or will you get the achievement after you die.
Posted by SchizoPsycho74 on 01 Aug 19 at 19:27
Princess BenKungo straight to wave 50/25 , it counts and you don't need to do full matches.. just do final wave and complete it
Posted by Princess BenKun on 01 Aug 19 at 19:43
LORDSONGOKUI can confirm your solution Princess BenKun, I'll edit right now
Posted by LORDSONGOKU on 01 Aug 19 at 21:13
Radiant FlamesJust a side note that Snatcher would be a Prefer Boss when playing as the Sniper, and the location that I used would be inside the building where you would normally do the Sniper Strike. Carrier is doable if you manage to get DBs and Sentinels, but Krestals wasn't any good since there will be half the wave left once you burn through fab money, haven't tested a brumak yet since I didn't get one.

I was playing solo when I got the challenge done with my current Sniper set:
Called Shot Lv. 6
Headshot Damage Lv. 6
Precision Rifle Damage Lv. 6
Sniper Strike Lv. 6
Explosive Headshot Lv. 5
Posted by Radiant Flames on 02 Aug 19 at 15:34
rafa1000houseI did it playing alone:

- juvie madness
- wave 25
- scout
- lvl 6 "health regen/boost" cards
- any map (blood drive torque bow spot is a nice place to camp while you press B to kill juvies and shoot trackers)
Posted by rafa1000house on 02 Aug 19 at 18:02
Aura BattlerNice guide! Just need to finish wave 50 or 25! smile
Posted by Aura Battler on 04 Aug 19 at 01:46